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The Application And Characteristics Of Two - Component Road Marking Coatings
Mar 01, 2013

The reflective properties

The atmospheric acrylic marking is almost impossible to become a reflective line, because it draws the mark line to form a film, glass beads can not be effectively attached. The hot-melt marking is relatively poor reflective effect and short life. On the one hand, for it combined with the ground in the condition of high temperature cooling, that is to say, the cooling time of paint is too long in summer, glass beads easily sink to the bottom line; however the cooling time of paint is short in winter, glass beads can not sink to effective depth, resulting in poor reflective effect. On the other hand, the strength of the hot melt coating itself is low and easy to aging, so that glass beads can not be effectively combined with the paint.

The two-component marking of cold-type can make glass beads effectively sink in order to achieve the best reflective effect. It is with the molecular bond force of chemical reaction to spray on the surface of the glass beads, which makes it form a whole with the marking line, and it combined with a solid and is not easy to fall off. In addition, for the two-component road marking, because its surface is irregular rugged point, the glass beads all over the surface of the marking line can effectively play the best reflective effect.

Road Surface Marking Tape.jpg

Anti-pollution characteristics

The hardness of hot melt type marking material is low, it is easy to become soft because of high temperature in summer, the pollutants is easy to enter the internal of marking line; however with the low temperature, it is easy to crack, causing cracks pollution. In the two-component marking of cold plastic type, the two components occurred to polymerization reaction,which is to form a network of polymer structure. As a whole, the film is smooth, dense and strong, which does not change with the temperature and rapid changes. When the temperature is from 100 ℃ to minus 30 ℃, the performance is relatively stable.

Preformed Thermoplastic Road Markings.jpg

Economy characteristics

The two-component road marking has long service life, and the costs of conservation and construction is low; the marking line is without aging phenomenon, re-construction is only to achieve aesthetic effects, which do not need to clean up the old line; it is with high construction efficiency, and avoid all kinds of losses that hidden caused

Marking tape line.jpg

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