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The Application And Characteristics Of Two - Component Road Marking Coatings
Feb 21, 2013

The road marking plays an important role in protecting road traffic safety, smooth, and improving road capacity, road appearance and so on, especially on the road of mountains, at night anti-marking is essential for road traffic. The G 1 1 State managed by Road Beijing Municipal Bureau is to enter the Beijing channel, which bears a large number of super-large vehicle pressure, the daily traffic volume up to 15,000. It is not only a serious test of the quality of the road, but also a great degree of damage on the road marking, which the use of life of the average road marking is very short. For the situation of the G110 road marking, we continue to find anti-reflective marking products suitable for wear-resistant. In May 2007, we conducted a test section on two-component road marking paint. Through the inspection of the construction process and after the completion of the six months, we believe that the product can adapt to the special circumstances of G110.

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The Features of Two - component Road Marking Coatings

The two-component road marking paint is cold plastic products based on methyl methacrylate resin system, which is solvent-free formula, with excellent anti-skid and high wear resistance, and the marking has long life, at rainy night has a better reflective effect.

The durable characteristics combined with the ground, so the solid  individual components of the molecular weight is very small, which makes marking line have a good permeability before reacting in the polymerization. However the marking line is in the process of condensing,   two components have polymerization reaction, which make the marking line and the road firmly combine.

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Strong wear resistance

The polymerization reaction of two components forms a network of molecular structure, the various components of the coating are tightly integrated into a compact whole, that is to say, the network molecular structure formed by two components makes it be polymer material of a large molecular weight. The road marking paint of polymeric materials not only has a strong adhesion in the asphalt pavement, but also has a strong adhesion in the cement pavement, stone pavement, tile floor, and even the glass.  

Strong weather resistance

The two-component road marking paint is not easy to produce low temperature fracture and high temperature softening, which is almost no aging when it is using, because after the two components were polymerized, forming a new network of molecules is a large molecular weight of the polymer, and the new molecules don’t exist active molecules key. The thickness of the marking line can be between 0.4 and 3.0mm, you can choose the best thickness according to the actual traffic and traffic.

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