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The Application And Characteristics Of Two - Component Road Marking Coatings
Feb 13, 2013

Construction applicability

The construction applicability of acrylic standard line coating at room temperature is poor, 5 ℃ below can not be construction, and it brings a fire hazard to the construction because of the high flux content. The construction adaptability of hot melt type marking is also poor, which requires constructing more than 15 ℃. If the construction is in the high temperature, the cooling time will be long, and glass beads will be  easy to sink, which affects the opening and reflective effect; if construction is low temperature, cooling will be too fast, and the paint can not effectively penetrate the ground, adhesion decreased, and glass beads can not effectively sink, which is easy to fall off. It also needs liquefied gas,with it heated to 200 ℃ high temperature, which brings explosion and fire hazards to the construction. The two-component road marking paint is as a cold-type products, with excellent construction, which is suitable for constructing in -5 ~ 35 ℃ ambient temperature conditions. Through artificial adjustment to join the amount of chemical catalyst, it can be achieved that man-made controls the curing time at different temperatures; the construction process is for the semi-mechanized and with high efficiency; paint almost is without flux, which is not easy to burn and don’t need to heat in order to ensure the safety of construction.

road line markings .jpg

Environmental protection

The acrylic standard coating at room temperature will have the flux of 30% to volatile to the atmosphere, which directly causes pollution; the water temperature coating at room temperature is very environmentally friendly, but the water-based paint with evaporation of water is also required to carry the flux, so there will be a large part of the flux that will volatile to the atmosphere, which will cause pollution. The resin of hot melt type marking paint volatile in the heating process, while in the construction process, the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide produced by combustion of liquefied petroleum gas combustion are all volatile to the atmosphere, which will cause pollution.

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The two-component road marking paint is without any flux, the occurrence of polymerization of chemical reactions formed by the long chain composed of irregular network structure, which is very strong and environmentally friendly. Using room temperature construction, without heating, it greatly reduced the consumption of energy in the construction and the pollution of the atmosphere.

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