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The Advantages Of Traffic Lights
May 29, 2015

Signal light color

   At the earliest time, there were only two colors: red and green. After the improvement, a yellow light was added. The red light indicates a stop, the yellow light indicates a preparation, and the green light indicates a pass. The three colors are used on the one hand and the three primary colors on the other. The other colors are also used on this basis. On the other hand, the use of these three colors as traffic signals is also related to people's visual structure and psychological reactions.

   The human retina contains rod-shaped and three cone-shaped photoreceptor cells, which are particularly sensitive to yellow light, and the three cone-shaped cells are most sensitive to red, green, and blue light, respectively. Due to this visual structure, people are most likely to distinguish between red and green. Although yellow and blue are also easy to distinguish, because the eyeball is less sensitive to blue light, it is better to use red and green to distinguish colors. This shows that traffic lights are not set arbitrarily.

Types of traffic lights

1) Motor vehicle lane lights

2) Pedestrian crossing lights

3) Non-motor vehicle lane lights

4) Directional indicator lights

5) Mobile traffic light

6) Solar Flash Warning Light

7) Toll Station Skylights

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Traffic light pole model

    Unequal octagonal traffic light pole traffic signage, integrated signal light pole, integrated frame signal light pole, lifted high pole light pole, single armed street light pole, double armed street light pole, polygonal adjustable diameter steel structure pole, integrated signal light pole, Integrated frame signal pole, electronic police pole, surveillance pole, octagonal pole, conical pole, cylindrical pole, octagonal pole, F-shaped pole, L-shaped pole, etc.

Main Specifications 

1. Input rated voltage: 220V±10% 50Hz

2, the input power: red (yellow) disc ≤ 12VA, green arrow plate ≤ 15VA

3, luminous intensity: ≥ 500cd, angle ≥ 30 °

4. Luminescence Chromatography: Red 620-625 nm, Yellow 590-593 nm, Green 503-505 nm

5, luminous brightness: red 4000-6000mcd, yellow 4000-6000mcd, green 8000-10000mcd

6, shell protection class: dust IP5X waterproof IPX3

8, electrical parameters: average power consumption ≤ 10W/15W/20W; rated voltage AC176-264V, 50HZ; insulation resistance ≥ 500M ∏; pressure 1500VAC

9, light source performance: luminous intensity ≥ 3000cd/m2; chroma R628nm, Y590nm, G505nm; viewing angle ≥ 30 °, light source life ≥ 100,000 hours, visible distance ≥ 400m;

10, the size of the light-emitting surface: light emitting surface light emitting diameter 300mm, 400mm (GB)

11, shell protection grade: IP53 temperature -40 °C - 75 °C

12. The lamp panel is a modular structure that can be combined in any combination.

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