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Yantian Beautiful Traffic First
May 17, 2013

Jiang Jinlong said that at present, container trucks entering Hong Kong every day are brought through Yanpai Expressway, Beishan Road and Pearl Avenue to the Pearl interchange, and then to B port, which is the main entrance gate of the port area. The phenomenon of "bottleneck" is obvious. B brake takes 90 Trailer into and out of the task. A gate due to narrow access to the vicinity of the road, the capacity is very limited, out of the terminal currently only about 10%. He proposed to speed up the A gate reconstruction project and the surrounding road construction. In this way, at least 50% of the container trucks will enter the port area directly from the Yanpai Expressway via the A-gate, thus greatly reducing the traffic pressure on the Pearl Avenue. In order to effectively solve the port traffic problems, we need to start a comprehensive assessment and improvement of the warehouse and yard import and export design.

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Qiaoxiao Yan believes that, for Yantian, port logistics and urban interweaving phenomenon may be a long time in the future will continue to exist, the current can take some easy to implement, quick and effective means of the environment, through landscape greening, landscape isolation, air Purification measures to reduce noise interference, reduce tailpipe dust pollution, as far as possible to create a regional ecological environment, improve the lives of residents and businesses travel experience is to be considered.

Liang Yu believes that the traffic problem in Hong Kong City is not just a problem for the transport sector. In fact, it is closely linked to the layout of surrounding industries, people's livelihood planning and port and customs management modes. At present, Yantian is facing an urban renewal and a new round of industrial layout Opportunity, Advice It is suggested that this opportunity should be used to allow multiple departments to work together to communicate more closely to create a combination of punches. They should be forward-looking and consider the overall planning of Yantian over the next 10 years or 20 years or even beyond.

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Liu Longsheng believes that increasing the proportion of sea-rail container transport is the direction of future port. Sea-rail transport is the most economical and greenest porting mode, which is also in line with the development direction of energy-saving emission reduction and green ports. To speed up the construction of port infrastructure (such as A gate transformation and the surrounding road facilities), the construction of inland "dry ports", Pingyan railway functions and other measures to enhance the proportion of Yantra MTR rail water transport, which ease the port Traffic congestion is of great significance

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