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The Advantages And Features Of LED Lights
Jan 09, 2013

It is with high brightness and pure color. It is convenient to interact with lane machine or computer interface. The life can up to beyond 80,000 hours. The process of using is free from maintenance. The power consumption is less than 10w.

1. Low power consumption: As it adopts LED as a light source, Compared to traditional light sources (such as incandescent, halogen), it is with the advantages of low power consumption and energy saving advantages that is by 85%.

2. Long life: The life of LED can up to 50,000 hours, which is 25 times of the incandescent lamp so that the maintenance cost of the signal greatly reduced.

3. Stable signal color : The LED light source itself can send the the monochromatic light that signal needs, the lens is without adding color, so it will not produce the defects that the color of lens is fading and caused.

4. Avoid the false display: The traditional light sources (such as incandescent, halogen) need to configure the reflective cup in order to get a better light distribution. However the LED traffic lights adopts direct light, without the above situation, so the brightness and range are all significantly improved.

  5. The structure design : It is with ultra-thin structure design, which is good looks and fine craft. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and  maintenance. With the PC shell or stainless steel shell, it will have high strength and long life.

traffic signal design.jpg

The use of various lights:

   Headlights: Generally speaking, the friends who often open the night car should consider replacing a pair of higher brightness headlamps, so in the dark night, the enough brightness can help you see all the details of the road. However when it is in the time of playing light, which can also let you see farther. If the conditions are permitted, you can even replace a pair of xenon headlamps, because the xenon lamp is not only bright enough and long life, but also has a feature that is the temperature of color is very high, so the temperature of color closing to the daylight on the driver's eyes is also a protection.

   Tail lights: Don’t underestimate the rear lights. If the rear lights failure, it easily leads to rear-end accident. Generally speaking, as long as it is not a fault, the upgrade of tail light is not much. In addition to the installation of transparent lamp shell to increase ornamental, with led light to replace the traditional light bulb is a good choice. The led not only increased brightness, the response time but also shorten than the traditional led, which means that when you step on the brake pedal, led brake lights can be brighter than ordinary light bulbs in order to make the  trailing vehicle have more preparation time.

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Fog lights: The fog Lights is often said that the spotlights. As the name implies, the main purpose of the fog lamp is to ensure that the driver's sight in the bad weather and to ensure that others can see you. However now there are many manufacturers, the purpose of installing fog lamps is only to make the front bumper more beautiful, so the quality of the selected fog lamps is relatively poor. And it is the same as headlights that is in addition to replace the brightness enough fog lights, choosing  a hid xenon fog lamp is also a good choice.

Reversing the lights: The dark night reversing is really a headache, especially the vision is not a good driver. The weak light of the original reversing lights is not much help. At the moment you need a reversing light, which is installed in the middle of the bar or below the independent lights. After you hang down, it will automatically light up. It is a powerful brightness that you no longer have to worry about it when you turn the night.

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