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Spike What Are The Common Problems
Oct 16, 2014

In the use of spikes in the process, we must always pay attention to its use, because sometimes there may be some problems.

In the case of a spike with spikes, the most common problem is the separation of the upper and lower parts. During the rolling process of the vehicle, a few screws are too thin and the power is too low. The pressure on the top of the car flies off. Relatively speaking, unscrewed to be more stable. Like a spike with no spikes, the entire spike is glued to the ground; and spikes with spikes, the top is quite fixed to the ground with a few small screws.

If the resistance to pressure out of the problem, there may be crushed, may also be separated from top to bottom, which are actually caused by the unreasonable structure of the spike, hollow interior is one of the reasons for this phenomenon, because the hollow is not compressive .

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Road rail nail used in the railway knowledge

With the continuous speeding up of railway transportation, railroad tracks and other aspects are also constantly improving, and railway spikes become an important railway accessories, we can learn from the rail nail manufacturers to apply its knowledge.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the railway track, railway track full line monitoring, but also on the turnout, rail, rail fasteners and other aspects of the quality of the provisions made, known as the national standard railway accessories. The design considerations for the transport capacity of different lines are the emergence of a variety of railway turnout products other than the single single turnout, such as double turnout, symmetrical turnout, narrow turnout and other types of turnouts, and in this development, the railway Spike also from the production, model, use a variety of aspects of the improvement.

Some use hook head spikes on the road to much more than ordinary spikes, and ballastless track on the use of rail devices are also fixed on the roadbed, this form is largely derived from the railway spike Inspired.

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