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Solar Traffic Warning Sign
Mar 06, 2015

     Solar traffic warning signs are mainly composed of batteries, control parts and display parts. With the simple and reasonable design structure, two-way power supply of solar energy and battery, long warning distance and long working hours, it is suitable for use in non-powered highways, non-fixed construction (maintenance) sites, and high-risk sections such as bends and mountain roads.

Working Principle

      The solar traffic warning sign is generally controlled by a solar panel chasing light controller to control the solar panel light chasing mechanism to make the solar panel reach the best location for receiving sunshine; the solar panel then converts the solar energy into electric energy and stores it in the battery through the solar charge controller. The battery is then powered by the solar chasing mechanism and chasing light controller, the tilt adjustment mechanism of the upper text display, and the displayed image controller and strobe light, finally achieving the warning effect of displaying different images and strobe lights. In the normal state, it is fully powered by solar energy. It shows striking light, strong penetrating power, and works normally under abnormal conditions such as abnormal dust and pollution. In addition, it is equipped with a strobe light. The flashing frequency of the strobe light reaches 30 times/min. The driver can be prompted hundreds of meters away. It has a striking eye-catching warning function, reduces traffic accidents and achieves a safe result. Its dynamic effect is normal. Signage can not be replaced. Especially at night, it highlights the strong advantages compared with traditional traffic signs.

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The field test verified that with the current common reflective film traffic signs and mains powered LED traffic signs;

(1) Adopt two-way power supply of solar energy and storage battery. The independent working time is long, and the continuous operation in the sunny day is stable without any use cost. The rainy days can also be continuously stable for several days (different regions may have differences).

(2) High degree of automation, simple and reasonable production, easy operation and low cost.

(3) High brightness dot matrix screen, low power consumption, strong visibility, so that warning words and icons are used at the same time, and there are a variety of warning words and icons that meet the national standards, and the replacement is convenient and quick.

(4) The distance to the warning is far, the visual distance in the daytime is more than 500 m, and the visual distance at night can be more than 1 000 m, which improves the driving safety of the vehicle.

(5) The use of solar panels to automatically track light system, so that the utilization of solar energy has been improved.

(6) The inclination of the display screen does not interfere with the lifting of the solar panel, and remote wireless remote control and manual control can be used at the same time. Therefore, it has broad prospects for promotion.

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