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Solar Road Stud Working
Dec 26, 2013

Application form

1. Mark lane boundaries

2. Identify the edge

3. Identify sub-combined flow

4. Mark the bend

5. Identify dangerous sections

6. Identify changes in road width

7. Identify the location of pavement obstacles

8. Set the deceleration zone

9. Identify special areas

reflective road cats eyes reflectors colours.jpg

common problem

Compression value failed

Installed on the road products, the top of the pressure out of the question, the product is either crushed or separated from top to bottom, which are actually caused by the structure is not reasonable, the structure of the main manifestations of unreasonable:

1, the internal hollow, hollow not compressive.

Internal hollow hazard is also reflected in the LED lamp above, because of hollow and damaged, then the LED itself will be destroyed.

Detection method:

After the white board is drawn out, the steel ball free fall at a height of one meter, vertically impacting the LED lampshade part of the solar road stud. It is not bad to see the lamp shade.

2, the wrong nail structure with legs

With solar radiation Road studs, divided into two parts, the lower part with a nail base, the upper part of the solar panel, led and lampshade part, the upper and lower parts with a few screws connected to 2014 most of the stud with solar foot spikes All adopt this kind of structure. When the product is installed on the pavement and fixed with glue, the bottom half of the solar spike is actually only fixed and glued. The top half is fixed to the bottom only with a few small screws.

reflective amber road studs markers.jpg

The most common problem with spiked solar spikes is the separation of the upper and lower parts. During the rolling of the vehicle, a few screws are too thin and the power is too low. The pressure on the top of the car flies off.

Unsprung, more stable, unsprung solar spikes, spiked studs on the ground to which the entire spike is glued, and the top is fairly fixed to the ground with a few small screws.


First of all, solar spikes made active and passive light emitting countries are Japan and South Korea. Their requirement for solar spikes is that if, for any number of reasons, solar spikes do not work, they can be replaced with spikes reflective.

Authentic reflective mold core is electroplated out on the needle mold mother board, the accuracy is very high, and the motherboard used a few times later, it is necessary to remove and re-grinding, to ensure the reflective mold core reflective. This needle-type motherboard in the world only a few companies will do, some of the country's small electroforming refineries are not capable of using needle-type motherboard to electroforming. This also resulted in seemingly reflective products, in fact, is not reflective of the situation.

Reflective film identification method:

The solar road studs placed 10 meters away, holding a small flashlight, the flashlight between the two eyes, the light shines on the product surface, to observe whether it is reflective.

roads eyes colour of reflective studs.jpg

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