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Solar Powered Spike Work Principle And Development Trend
Jan 23, 2014

   At present, the technical requirements of the Ministry of Transport on the use of solar spikes temperature requirements, is between -20 ℃ to 85 ℃, while also requiring 20 ℃ to 60 ℃ to do three cycles between tests to see whether it can adapt to the environment Request. In addition, the relevant technical standards of the Ministry of Transport on the sun damp thermal performance requirements, is at 45 ℃, relative humidity of 98% of the conditions, the test 48 hours after the normal work can still be.

    Environmental adaptability of solar spikes is a comprehensive test of its mechanical and electrical properties, and involves many factors such as structural design, circuit design, performance of electronic devices, and even manufacturing processes. This requires that the design, production and application of the spike be done in all aspects so as to ensure better environmental adaptability of the solar spike.

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Easy to appear problem

   Many manufacturers of solar spikes installed on the road, there will often be such a problem, focused on the following.

Hollow structure

   In many places, solar-powered spikes mounted on the road are often crushed or separated by the upper and lower structures, which is actually caused by unreasonable solar structures. Many people think that the aluminum shell is more compressive, this understanding is one-sided. As long as the interior is hollow, in general the whole is not compressive.

   With spikes feet solar spikes, this spike is divided into two parts, the lower part of the foot with legs, the upper part of the solar panels, LED and shade, the upper and lower parts are connected with a few screws, most of the current with pinned solar Nails are using this structure. When this product is installed on the pavement and fixed with glue, it actually fixes and bonds only the lower part of the solar spike. The upper part is fixed to the lower part only by a few small screws. This structure is most prone to quality problems, that is, the separation of the upper and lower parts of the situation. Rolling process of the vehicle, a few small screws too thin, too little power, the car rolled a few times, the top of the fly.

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    Pseudo-reflective First of all, solar spikes made active and passive light emitting countries are Japan and South Korea, these countries on the traffic safety facilities and products are very demanding. If, for some reason, the solar spike does not work, it can be remedied in the form of spikes and reflections. Europe is considering and developing solar spire products related standards, of which, reflective performance is one of the important indicators.

   Some Chinese manufacturers produce solar road studs, some reflectors are reflective, while others are not reflective. The standard reflective mold core is electroformed on the needle mold mother board with very high accuracy. And the motherboard used a few times, you need to remove and re-polished to ensure the reflective core reflective. This needle-type motherboard in the world, only a few companies can produce some of the small electroforming refineries have not been able to use needle-type motherboard to electroforming, they produce reflective products, seemingly reflective, the actual Not reflective.

In summary, I believe that compression, heat and light reflectors should be protruding solar spikes the most important three indicators, the three are indispensable.

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