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Solar Powered Spike Work Principle And Development Trend
Jan 16, 2014

Sealing performance If the solar spike is not completely sealed, it will seep water, water seepage will cause short circuit, the consequences are catastrophic, therefore, a qualified solar spike, the sealing performance must be clearance.

   Brightness Solar spike to be able to take the initiative to glow, the maximum outline of the road profile and the edge, which is compared to the ordinary reflective spike one of the most important features. In the indicator requirements, the Ministry of Transport standards require 2000MCD.

   Long-term stability Another key factor that determines the life of a solar spike is the battery life, so battery selection is crucial. Currently on the market there are two batteries for reference, one is the charge and discharge 500 times, the battery capacity reduced to 50%; the other is the charge and discharge 1000 times, the battery capacity reduced to 79%. Battery life should not only be long enough, but also to be able to work properly over a wide temperature range. Material inside the battery is a chemical, if the temperature is too high or too low you can not work properly, therefore, its working temperature range must meet the requirements of the actual use of the environment. Ministry of Transport standards related to this indicator requirements, solar spikes must be -10 ℃ to 50 ℃ range of work. In fact, the use of solar spikes often exceed the ambient temperature, which requires the production of solar spikes with more reliable and higher-performance batteries.

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    The battery is important, the electronics are equally important. The design of the circuit board must follow the principle of simple and effective, more than one circuit may have a fault. Electronic components must also be rigorously selected, any one component problem, the entire spike system may be paralyzed. Part of the solar spike needs attention, that is its solar panels. Solar panels directly absorb solar energy, and the light energy into electricity, is the first part of the solar energy spike work system, the level of its work efficiency directly determines the level of solar spike quality. At present, the solar cell commonly used in the industry is a monocrystalline silicon solar cell panel, because the monocrystalline silicon solar panel has a high photoelectric conversion rate of about 14%, which can convert the solar energy into electric energy to the maximum extent to ensure that solar spike Energy supply at work. In addition, solar panels must be high hardness, wear-resistant circuit board. If the strength is not enough, the daily wear and tear by the wheel rolling, it is easy to wear flowers, thus affecting the conversion efficiency of solar panels.

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    Battery matching performance Under standard test conditions, the solar spikes placed 8 hours, the battery rated capacity should meet the 72-hour normal spike light needs. Even if the solar irradiance is less than 1000LX, the rated capacity of the battery after 8 hours of charging can meet the need of the spike to emit light for 12 hours normally. If the battery performance is not good, in rainy weather there will be insufficient storage battery power, resulting in solar spikes can not light situation. As a result, the solar spike lost its value, can not be used, the limitations of capacitive solar spike lies in this.

    Environmentally Adaptable The environment on the road is complicated and changeable. Temperature and humidity may vary widely. Solar spikes must adapt to this change. The winter temperatures in northern China are very low, the temperature in the south is very high in summer, the temperature difference between day and night in the northwest is exceptionally large, the southeast is humid, and the northwest is dry. All this will affect the working efficiency of solar spikes. Therefore, solar spikes must be designed with full consideration Adaptability of the application environment.

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