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Solar Powered Spike Work Principle And Development Trend
Jan 09, 2014

Solar powered spike work principle and development trend

Compared with ordinary reflective spikes, solar spikes have two of the most important features:

   First, the brightness of light. Common reflective spikes reflective brightness of only 300MCD to 400MCD, and solar spikes luminous brightness up to 2000MCD, is the former 6 times to 7 times. This high intensity of light can penetrate the rain at night, safe and effective for the driver to guide the direction. Second, take the initiative to light, dynamic warning. Solar spikes flash at some frequency at night, and its dynamic alert is very powerful. Active light can not only maximize the avoidance of rain and fog interference, but also allows the driver's line of sight to get rid of the dependence on the car lights, visual distance farther, the effect is better. 

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Working Principle 

   The working principle of solar spikes can be briefly summarized as follows: During the day, solar panels absorb sunlight, convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in energy storage devices (batteries or capacitors). Night energy storage device automatically converted into light energy (through the photoelectric switch control), issued by the LED light to outline the outline of the road, to induce the driver's attention.

   According to the different installation location, solar spikes can be divided into two kinds of embedded and protruding. Because the installation of solar road spikes in the centerline of the road on the compressive performance requirements are particularly high, so the former is generally used in the road centerline, the latter for the road edge line.

   According to the different energy storage components, solar road spikes can be divided into two kinds of capacitive and battery-type. The former service life of up to five to seven years, the latter's life expectancy generally ranging from one year to three years. Embedded solar spikes on the pavement damage great, and capacitive solar spikes and cost, so the industry is currently the most widely used solar cell spike raised batteries. The following author to the solar battery spike protruding batteries, for example, to explore China's solar spike product performance, problems and future trends.

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Basic performance requirements

   Solar spikes in a wide variety of forms, installation location is not the same. No matter what kind of solar spike, consider the basic characteristics of the following aspects should be started.

   Compression performance If the solar spike can not withstand a certain pressure, the car crushed or crushed after the impact, it can not work properly, therefore, the compressive stress should be the normal working conditions of solar spikes the most basic conditions. Solar spike itself is an electronic product, to its electronic components have higher compressive strength, is a very difficult thing, so in general, the solar spike compression performance than ordinary spikes poor some. At present, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Transport of the relevant technical standards, the compressive index of solar spike must reach 10 tons.

   There are several ways to effectively improve the compressive performance of solar road studs: First, the exposed solar panels using PC bullet-proof material to enhance the compressive capacity of its electronic components; Second, as far as possible the use of IC control to Reduce the volume of electronic circuits and reduce the pressure on the electronic components; Third, some stiffeners are designed on the housing to share the pressure on the electronic components.

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