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Solar Flash Light
Jan 30, 2015

Solar strobe lights use solar energy as an energy source. Through photoelectric conversion, solar energy is converted into electricity and stored in an internal battery, which is then used for strobe lights.

table of Contents

1. Solar Flash Light Features

2 .Solar flash light effect

3. Solar flash light composition

4. Technical parameters

Solar flash light features

1. The strobe shell is composed of aluminum alloy profiles, and the surface is painted with plastic. The appearance is exquisite and it is not easy to be corroded. The rust will not appear for a long time. 2. The strobe light adopts a sealed structure combined lamp group. The entire lamp is sealed at all components. The high-performance protection is greater than IP53, which effectively prevents rain and dust.

3. Each group of light board has 20, 30 single lights (lights can be more or less) LED brightness ≥ 8000mcd composition, plus vacuum coated reflectors; high transparency, high impact, aging polycarbonate shade The nighttime distance of this light can exceed 2,000 meters. It can be light-controlled or long-lit second gear adjustment (optional) to meet different road sections and time use.

4. The strobe light is equipped with a solar panel, a solar single crystal/polycrystalline solar panel, using an aluminum frame glass laminate, better light transmission, higher energy absorption, with a battery, and sustainable work when there is no light in the rainy days 150 hours of power supply, the other is equipped with over-charged over-discharge protection function, balance the stability of the current circuit, the circuit board uses environmentally friendly three anti-paint coating, better protection performance.

5. This product meets the national GB/T14887-2003 standard and the national public safety industry standard GB/T743-2007 technical standards.

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Solar flash light effect

1. Place the road around the highway maintenance work site or in front of the traffic flow in advance to remind the driver to slow down and drive cautiously.

2. The installation of dangerous sections with hidden traffic safety hazards on the road will prompt drivers or pedestrians to pay attention and effectively play a warning role to avoid traffic accidents and accidents. Such as highway intersections, corners, bridges, roadside village intersections, school gates, residential quarters, factory gates dangerous lights.

Solar flash light composition

1. Sealed combination lamp set, each set consists of 20 super bright imported wafer LED chips.

2. Polycarbonate lampshade impact resistance, aging resistance, high transparency.

3. Flash mode controller, light control, overcharge, over-discharge protection, flash, slow flash, strobe, explosion flash (can be designed according to customer requirements) Product performance is stable and reliable quality.

Technical Parameters

1. LED life 100,000 hours, red and blue.

2. Battery power 12V/4Ah, life 2 years.

3. Visual distance 2km.

4. The flash power is greater than 180 times/min.

5. Solar panel power: 3W.

Design Description: High brightness, ultra-penetration, effectively guarantee the safety of road operations, mainly applicable to road special and overhaul construction.

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