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Smart Remote Parking Lock And Solar Automatic Remote Parking Lock Manual
May 14, 2014

     After the advent of our smart parking lock, our company quickly won many fans with its own unique charm. The two most important factors of its popularity are that it is attractive and practical. In order to allow owners to more convenient to use, Xiaobian to intelligent remote control parking lock and solar automatic parking lock, for example, to do some use on the description, presumably for holding Topotek smart parking lock owners will be some help.

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     Smart remote parking lock and solar automatic remote control parking lock is very simple to use, you need to find a smooth concrete, alone or find a helper to cooperate with you, the lock installed. As long as the parking lock installed on the battery, press the remote control button to achieve the parking lock arm raised (locked) and landing (unlock). Special attention is that the rocker arm in operation, in case of obstacles will automatically stop and alert to protect the motor from damage. Owners can remote control failure, by disconnecting the battery link, pull the arm by hand to raise or drop, does not affect the use. When the parking lock on the power indicator lights or hear the parking lock issued a warning sound, usually every one minutes Ming, indicating that the battery has been below the normal operating voltage, be sure to charge the battery in time to avoid battery life damage.

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    We all know that many times the parking spaces, parking locks, the car is Trinity, no matter what aspects require our intentions to operate, do not have the heart to experience the parking spaces, parking spaces sooner or later; Do not care to run the parking lock, parking lock sooner or later damaged; Business car, car scrapped sooner or later. Topai smart parking lock as a premium on the smart parking lock need more careful maintenance, so that not only to extend its service life, but also to extend the quality of life.

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