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Smart Parking Lock
Oct 31, 2014

The main function:

(1) Anti-collision design, positive and negative 180° anti-collision design, when the car hits, the ground lock will automatically lower the swing arm, and after 3 to 5 seconds, it will automatically rise and get stuck in the car chassis, which will reduce the damage of the ground lock to a certain extent.

(B) waterproof design, 24-hour waterproof design, in the low-lying parking spaces, with a 24-hour soaking test normal rise and fall, the use of precision waterproof rubber ring, effectively prevent the ground lock in the open air parking space due to the daily rise and fall caused by rain damage.

(c) Compression design, surface casing, one-piece die-casting molding, 0.3mm cold-rolled steel plate, reinforced surface steel, effective rolling in 5 tons of car without damage, one year crushed shell we assume all.

(4) Design of charge consumption, adopting two types of battery life: dry and rechargeable batteries, A battery can be recharged repeatedly, normal charging and lowering can be performed for 8 hours each time, and can be used for 3-5 months. B dry batteries, 4 dry batteries of No. 1 are used normally. Up to 8-10 months, supermarkets sell!

(E) remote control distance, remote control in the car, the effective distance is 10-30 meters.

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Installation method edit

Parking lock installation position:

The installation position of the parking lock is generally installed at 1/3 of the middle entrance of the parking space, and the installation conditions are required to be on the flat surface of cement. If the residential parking space is a tile or color brick floor, the thickness of the brick is required to be 5 cm or more. If the requirement is not reached, pre-fabricated cement can be installed in advance. The prefabricated area is determined by the external dimensions of the parking lock.

Product Scope: Car owners \ property management company \ property management office \ car park \ housing local production developers \ car dealers \ auto shop \ security company security shop

How to edit

If the parking lock is installed in the front of the vehicle body, when the vehicle is about to reach the parking space, the owner uses the remote controller to control the parking lock so that the parking lock is lowered to the lowest position, the vehicle can enter, and the vehicle owner presses the remote control after entering the parking space. The rising key of the device, the parking lock automatically rises to the protection state. When the vehicle leaves, the owner uses the remote controller and presses the down button of the remote controller to make the parking lock down to the lowest position. After the vehicle drives out of the parking space, the owner only needs to press the up button of the remote controller. The parking lock can automatically rise to the protection. The state is now. Can prevent other vehicles from occupying parking spaces.

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Technical Improvement Editor

The development of parking lock research and development technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, but the battery can be used for more than one year. However, few parking locks with waterproof and shockproof functions are available. Some remote control parking lock developers have broadened their research and development ideas, and their exquisite technology is one of the few. A leader in research and development capabilities. Its battery broke the shackles of frequent charging, and only needs to charge once a year. The principle is the low energy consumption of the parking lock, the maximum standby current is 0.6mA, and the current during exercise is about 2A, which greatly saves power consumption.

On the other hand, if the parking lock is placed in a parking lot or in an open space, then the waterproof, shockproof and anti-collision function of the parking lock must be strong, and the index of anti-external force should be high. The shapes of the parking locks mentioned above cannot be comprehensive. Collision avoidance. Some remote control parking locks adopt unique anti-collision technology. No matter from any angle, no force will cause harm to the body, so it is truly 360° anti-collision; it is sealed with skeleton oil seal and O-ring, waterproof and dustproof, and protects the machine. The internal parts of the body are not corroded, and the short circuit of the circuit is effectively prevented. On the basis of these two technologies, the service life of the parking lock is greatly improved.

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