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Road Traffic Sign
Sep 20, 2013

Road traffic signs are graphical symbols that show traffic laws and road information that give traffic laws a vivid, concrete, and concise expression, while also expressing hard-to-describe content to manage traffic and instruct traffic to insure the road Smooth and traffic safety facilities. For roads, urban roads and all the special roads, with the nature of the law, vehicles, pedestrians must comply.


Road traffic signs generally by signs floor, signs, columns, fasteners, foundations and other components.

Sign board material processing Description:

1, the material of high quality aluminum alloy plate, engineering grade or high-strength reflective film, the night has a good reflective effect.

2, according to the national standard size, aluminum and reflective film cut (square, round).

3, Wash the aluminum plate, polished aluminum plate with white cloth to make the aluminum surface rough, dry with water and then dry.

4, with a hydraulic machine will be posted on the reflective film has been cleaned aluminum stand-by.

5, computer typesetting patterns and text, and computer engraving machine directly on the reflective film on the map and text.

6, a good pattern of carving and silk screen printing a good pattern with plastic scraping pressure at the end of the aluminum film forming.

Signs installed in the import and export as well as the yard, the proper location of the road, guide the vehicles properly driving, traffic signs Prohibition signs, signs and other signs.

led traffic signs.png


Traffic signage is divided into two main categories of major signs and auxiliary signs.

Main logo

(1) Warning signs: Warning vehicles, pedestrians pay attention to signs of dangerous locations in front of the road.

Road traffic sign

Road traffic sign

(2) Prohibition signs: Prohibit or restrict vehicles, pedestrians traffic signs of some kind.

(3) Indicators: signs indicating vehicles, pedestrians.

(4) Road signs: pass the direction of the road, location, distance information signs.

(5) tourist area signs: to provide the direction of tourist attractions, distance signs.

(6) Safety signs for road construction: Notification signs for passage of road construction area.

(7) speed limit signs: signs of warning vehicles slowing down.

Auxiliary signs

Attached to the main logo, play a supporting role in the logo.

skills requirement


1, set traffic signs should be considered, the layout is reasonable, to prevent the phenomenon of insufficient information or overload. Information should be connected, important information should be repeated.

2, traffic signs under normal circumstances should be set to the right side of the direction of the road or the roadway above; can also be set on the left side of the specific circumstances, or both sides of the left and right to set.

3, in order to ensure the visibility of the same place need to set more than two signs, can be installed on a support structure (support), but not more than four; separate set of signs should meet the ban, instructions and warning signs Setting space.

4, in principle, to avoid different types of signs and set. Release limit speed flag, lift prohibit overtaking mark, intersection priority mark, meeting car first sign, stop sign, stop sign for deceleration should be set separately; if the conditions can not be set separately, a support structure (support) up No more than two signs. Signs in a support structure (support) and set up, should ban, instructions, warning order, first back, back first left rear right arrangement.

5, warning signs should not be set more. When more than two warning signs need to be set in the same place, only one of the most needed ones is set in principle. (Warning signs: warning vehicles, pedestrians pay attention to the road ahead)

solar traffic signs.png


Under normal circumstances the basic meaning of traffic signs are as follows:

1. Red: forbidding, stopping, dangerous, border, background and slash for prohibition signs. It is also used for fork symbol and slash symbol, background color of warning linear guide and the like. Yellow or fluorescent

Yellow: Indicates a warning for the background of the warning sign.

2. Blue: used to indicate instructions, follow, used to indicate the background color of the logo: driving information, such as place names, directions, directions, etc., is used as background color for general road signs.

3. Green: that place names, directions, directions and other traffic information for highway and city expressway signs background.

4. Brown: indicating the tourist area and attractions Awake items instructions for the background of the logo of the tourist area.

5. Black: used to identify the text, graphic symbols and some signs of the background.

6. White: the background color of the logo, text and graphic symbols and some of the signs.

7. Orange or fluorescent orange: Warning for roadwork area, road signs.

8. Fluorescent yellow-green: indicates the warning, used to pay attention to pedestrians, pay attention to children's warning signs Traffic signs shape the general rules of use.

official road signs.png


Equilateral triangles: for warning signs

Round: Forbidden and indicating signs

Equilateral triangle: for "decelerate to make" prohibition mark

Octagonal: Forbidden sign for "stop and go"

Fork: for the "railroad crossing fork symbol" warning signs

Square: used to indicate the road signs, some warnings, prohibitions and signs, tourist area signs, auxiliary signs, signs and other signs except for a few signs, the color of the border with the logo mark or the color of the characters, in addition to the signs outside signs The color of the lining should be consistent with the logo background.


Road traffic signs are devices that convey information to road users in colors, shapes, characters, graphics, etc. for managing traffic. Traffic signs should be set with roads and traffic conditions. Through traffic signs to provide accurate and timely information and guidance, so that road users smooth and efficient arrival destination, and promote smooth traffic and traffic safety.

The main functions of road traffic signs are:

1, to provide road information, play the role of road language.

2, command and control traffic, traffic safety.

3, guiding the way to improve driving efficiency.

4, for the traffic management department to provide law enforcement basis.


Novice because traffic signs are not personal experience, so the most prone to traffic violations behavior. At the same time as the traffic signs do not understand or not found in time, but also prone to go wrong and take the wrong way. These situations are inevitable.

1, in order to facilitate the observation of traffic signs, novice drivers should pay attention to the roadside, driving signs set at the top of the road, vision is far higher, understand the meaning of traffic signs instructions before driving.

2. In addition, when approaching the intersection, there will be a guide sign on the carriageway. The novice will often ignore the guide traffic sign on the road because he is keeping an eye on the front, leading to illegal or costly mistakes. Therefore, driving to the intersection in front of deceleration time, pay attention to observe the traffic signs at the road and in front of intersection, the correct choice of their driving directions.

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