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Road Spikes
May 07, 2014

Common spikes can also be called hook spikes or dog head spikes, mainly for rail or shingle and wooden pillows.

In the specifications, the general general nail spike nail cross-section for each side of 16mm square, nail length of 165mm; and the nail head of the Ministry of bacteria, the shape of the lower part of the nail head and rail shape to adapt to the bottom; Should be smooth, the flash shall not exceed 2mm, nail rod relative to the center line of the head of the degree of displacement, in any direction shall not exceed 1mm. In terms of quality, it is required that the head of the nail head and the shank should not be cracked, and the surface of the spike must not have bubbles and prevent the use of over-burning, cracking.

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Spike the top of the chisel-shaped, nailing into the mouth perpendicular to the wood grain, avoid splitting the wooden pillow; tip edge is straight, the top does not allow the use of burrs, folding.

Damage to the spike is mostly due to foreign particles entrained in the tire as the vehicle runs over the spike, causing the splinter to crack partially or entirely.

To avoid failure of the reflector failure, material strength can be improved from the nail plate and improve its structure to achieve. If the spike is detached from the staple body, most of them are due to the loose combination of the spike spike and the spike body. After repeated rolling of the vehicle, the splitting of the binding site under the action of alternating stress can be overcome by Improve the firmness between the spike piece and the spike body, to effectively avoid such failure situations. Reflective film attenuation caused by the brightness of the failure, the causes of more, mainly the poor weathering of reflective sheeting material and the outer surface of the reflector wear.

cats eyes reflective road stud colour   (1).jpg

Reflective film surface wear caused by the decline in reflective brightness, mainly due to the friction between the vehicle tires and road rail nail reflector, so that the original glossy reflector surface becomes rough, resulting in reduced reflection efficiency reflector.

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