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Road Signs
Oct 10, 2013


Road traffic signs are divided into two major categories of main signs and auxiliary signs.

The main signs are divided into warning signs, prohibition signs, signs, road signs, tourist area signs and road construction safety signs six.

warning sign

Play a warning role. A total of 49 species. Warning vehicles, pedestrians attention to signs of dangerous locations. Color yellow, black, black pattern, the shape of the vertex angle up the equilateral triangle.

Ban sign

Play a ban on some kind of behavior. A total of 43 species. Prohibit or limit the vehicles, pedestrian traffic signs. In addition to the individual signs, the color is white, red circle, red bars, black pattern, pattern bar; shape is circular, octagonal, vertex angle isometric triangle. Set in the need to prohibit or limit the vehicle, pedestrian traffic in the vicinity of the road or intersection.


From the instructions. There are 29 categories. Signs indicating vehicles and pedestrians traveling. Color is blue, white pattern; shape is divided into round, rectangle and square; set in the need to indicate vehicles, pedestrian road sections or near the intersection.

Pointing sign

From the role of guidance. A total of 146 species. Pass the direction of the road, location, distance information signs. In addition to the milestone color, 100 meters pile, the general blue, white pattern; highway is generally green, white pattern; shape in addition to location identification marks, milestones, sub-convergence marks, generally rectangular and square. Set near the intersection or road where you need to convey the direction, location, and distance of the road.

road signs highway.png

Tourist area sign

There are 17 categories. Provide tourist attractions directions, distance signs. Color is brown, white character pattern; the shape of a rectangle and square. Tourist area signs can be divided into two categories of guide signs and tourist symbols, set in the direction of the need to indicate the direction of tourist attractions, distance sections or near the intersection.

Road construction safety sign

Notification road construction area traffic signs. Used to remind drivers and pedestrians of vehicles. A total of 26 species. Among them, a total of 20 kinds of road construction area signs, to inform the expressway and the general traffic jam, bypass and so on. Located in the road construction, conservation and other sections of the appropriate location.

Auxiliary signs

Auxiliary signs are signs set for maintaining traffic safety and traffic flow when the main signs can not express or instruct their contents in a complete manner. The auxiliary signs are white, black and black borders with a rectangular shape attached to the main sign to assist effect.

Composition of the structure

international street signs.png

Color appearance

Under normal circumstances the basic meaning of traffic signs are as follows:

a. Red: Forbidding, stopping, dangerous, border, background color and slashes used for prohibition signs. It is also used for fork symbol and slash symbol, background color of warning linear guide and so on.

b. Yellow or fluorescent yellow: Indicates a warning for the background of the warning sign.

c. Blue: indicates the order, follow, used to indicate the background color of the logo; said place names, directions, directions and other traffic information for the general road signs background.

d. green: that place names, directions, directions and other driving information for highway and city expressway signs background.

e. Brown: indicates the tourist area and attractions of the project, for the background of the logo of the tourist area.

f. Black: Border for text, graphic symbols, and part of the logo for the logo.

g. White: the background color of the logo, text and graphic symbols, and part of the logo border

h. Orange or fluorescent orange: a warning for roadwork areas, a road marking.

i. Fluorescent yellow-green: indicates a warning, used to pay attention to pedestrians, pay attention to children's warning signs.

The shape of traffic signs generally use the following rules:

Is equilateral triangle: for warning signs;

b. round: for prohibitions and signs;

c. Equilateral triangle: used to "slow down to allow" ban mark;

d. octagon: for "stop for parking" ban mark;

e. Fork: for "railroad crossing crossing fork symbol" Warning signs:

f. Square: used to guide the road signs, some warnings, prohibitions and signs, tourist area signs, auxiliary signs, signs and signs lights.

order street signs.png

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