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Road Sign
Oct 18, 2013

Lighting logo

a) Interior lighting signs

Signs built-in lighting device, the use of translucent material signs panel, a single display and two display. Interior lighting signs can be based on the size of the flag board, the wind withstand structural design. Make sure the illuminance of the sign face is uniform and has a viewing distance of 150m at night. Reasonable structure of light boxes, metal components by the anti-corrosion treatment, rain and dust, electrical components durable and reliable, easy maintenance.

b) Exterior lighting logo

External light illuminates the way the logo surface.

Exterior lighting signs should be specially designed light source. Lighting and shadow Yin can not affect the sign to read. The illuminance of the external light source on the sign surface shall not be obviously inhomogeneous. The uniformity (maximum illuminance / minimum illuminance) shall be 4 or less, to ensure 150m visual recognition distance at night. External lighting sources can not cause glare to the driver on the road.

Components supporting the lamp should be anti-rust treatment, lighting devices durable and reliable, excellent performance, easy maintenance.

Traffic signs can be made of aluminum alloy plates, extruded aluminum profiles, sheet steel, synthetic resin sheets, etc. The materials used should comply with the current TI '/ T 279 regulations and the thickness should be According to the calculation to determine.

sign in road.png

supporting structure

(1) traffic signs columns, beams, etc. can be used steel, H-beam, channel steel and reinforced concrete and other materials, the top of the column should be set column cap. Steel components should be treated with preservatives.

(2) The different types of traffic signs shall be provided with reinforced concrete foundation. The single-column traffic sign located on the bridge section can be attached to the bridge by steel structure.

Structural design

1, the design of basic wind speed should be the local open air ground, lOm from the ground high, the return period of 50 years lOmin average maximum wind speed value, and not less than 22m / s.

2. The traffic sign structure should be designed according to the limit state of carrying capacity and the limit state of normal use, and should meet the requirements of structure and process at the same time.

3, the importance of traffic sign structure coefficient can be divided into two levels:

(1) Cantilevered and gantry traffic signs located on expressways and Grade I roads, structural importance coefficient

(2) Other types of traffic signs located on expressways, first-class roads and traffic signs located on other grades of roads, the structural importance coefficient Y. = 0.9.

4. The calculation and combination of the load of the traffic sign structure, the design method of the ultimate state, and the design of the foundation foundation shall conform to the current JTC D60, JTJ024, Steel Structure Design Code "(JB 50017) and" Road Traffic Signs and Markings "(JB 5768) and other provisions.

highway traffic signs and signals.png


(1) Road traffic signs shall be made of reflective film or other retroreflective material which conforms to the requirements of the current "road traffic sign reflective film" (GB / T 18833).

(2) When the traffic sign board adopts the reflective film material, the first grade and the second grade reflective film should be adopted on the expressway and the first class highway. The third grade and the fourth grade traffic signs should be adopted for the traffic signs on the second and the third grade roads. Four, five reflective film.

(3) Traffic signs such as gantry, cantilever and other vacant traffic signs shall adopt retroreflective film with a higher level of traffic sign than the roadside.

(4) Illumination or light-emitting diodes may be used to increase the visual acuity of important signs, while ensuring uniformity and conditions.

a) Types and properties of reflective materials

Reflective material for the logo surface according to their different structures can be divided into lens embedded type, sealed capsule type, micro-prism type and other varieties. The reflective principle is: the light emitted to the sign surface should be along the opposite direction of the incident light back to the light source. Due to the different signs and vehicle driving conditions, the reflective material used for the logo surface should have excellent wide-angle and retroreflective performance. Under different incident angles (the angle between the vehicle headlamp light and the normal of the sign surface) and different observation angles (the angle between the vehicle headlamp light and the light reflected by the sign back to the driver's eyes) The retroreflective coefficient of reflective film on the marking surface shall be in accordance with the provisions of JT / T279.

b) Application and selection of reflective materials

1) Traffic signs at all levels of roads shall be made of reflective materials in principle.

2) The traffic signs on expressways, first-class highways and main roads in the city should adopt first-level and third-level reflective films; traffic signs of grade four and above should be adopted for the traffic signs of Grade II and III roads and ordinary urban roads. Four, five reflective film can be used for four roads and traffic is very small other roads.

3) Expressway, a highway, city expressway curve segment signs, and urban areas of the multi-way intersection, should be used more than three reflective materials.

4) The gantry marks and cantilever marks on expressways and urban expressways should be made of reflective materials of higher grade than the reflective film used on the roadside signs, or the gantry marks and cantilever marks Use the reflector on the characters to improve their nighttime visibility. Illuminated signs can also be used on important sections with conditions.

c) traffic signs of color and reference related color samples.

skills requirement

all signs in driving.png

guiding ideology

1, traffic signs should reflect the characteristics of road and the surrounding road network, so that drivers accurately determine their location, find the right destination, and the road network in the rational distribution of traffic;

2, traffic signs should be able to enhance driver awareness of driving safety;

3, traffic signs should be easy to identify, easy to understand;

4, set traffic signs should be systematic, continuous, balanced, to avoid information overload;

5, dynamic traffic signs set should not hinder the use of static traffic signs.

Collect the basic information of road, traffic, meteorology, environment and surrounding road network;

7, determine the implementation of road traffic signs standards, scale;

8, from the safety, environmental protection, technology, economy, beauty and other aspects of program comparison, choose the best solution.

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