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Road Marking
Apr 24, 2014


Vibration bump marking is a kind of high-tech products which are commonly used in developed countries at present and have international advanced level. Its appearance is concave and convex, the base plus the protruding part of the height of 5-7mm. Vibration marking with anti-pollution, good whiteness, alkali resistance, durability, good abrasion resistance, good flexibility, weather resistance, strong sense of vibration, rainy night as usual reflective and prompt excellent results, the service life of up to 5 - 6 years or more, and the use of relatively concentrated, the overall investment is not. Can be selected according to geographical conditions and traffic. The main function of the oscillation marking is to prompt the driver to drive along the lane and must slow down to avoid driver fatigue driving and achieve the purpose of compulsory deceleration to improve vehicle safety.

Road Markings Tape .jpg

Role and characteristics

1, slow down: In the toll plaza, turn, dangerous road tips slow down.

2, non-slip: in the corner can play a role in preventing the side slip, when it rains, but also ensure that marking and pavement friction the same.

3, rainy night reflective: In the raining night, the vibration of the double yellow line and the vibration edge of the line, still reflective, can ensure normal driving, while the ordinary line can not do this.

4, vibration reminder: When the driver fatigued driving sleep, in the rush out of the road to the edge of the vibration bulge, the car vibration and shaking with the tire and the whistling whistle, the driver woke up, adjust the direction , To avoid the accident. Therefore, the shock markings is a good proactive protection means.

Road Pavement Markings Reflective Marker.jpg

Preformed marking

1. Paste reflective reticle, is the use of polymer materials forming the back of the material coated paper, touch the road surface coated with a layer of pollution-free roads. And sticky solid glue.

2. No spraying machinery, hot melt machinery, direct adhesive paste on the ground, can be opened to traffic, field construction is simple, durable, marking the edge of the neat, easy to cut map for the word, the average cost of long-term use is lower than all the reticle paint price. Highway one, two highways, urban roads, parking, airports, port terminals, stadiums, stadiums, factories, hotels, parking lot are applicable.

3. Return to the reflective performance of the standard tape, glass beads spread on the surface of the tape, the night lights shine back to the light irradiation, surface wear after a few months. Beads in the substrate, the night light irradiation back to the light reflection, the surface after a few months the car wasted, the substrate beads continue to reflective.

4 logo marking the most suitable construction. Standard with the standard tape: commonly used (m) 0.4 * 14 (white). 0.15 * 12, (white) 0.10 * 12, 0.15 * 10 (yellow)

5. Arrows, text, patterns, symbols can be good arrow in the room, immediately paste on the road can shorten the construction time, traffic opened to reduce traffic congestion.

6. Durable, non-slip, melt-resistant, wear resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance are used in China.

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