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Road Marking
Jan 16, 2013

The road marking is divided into the hot melt marking, the temperature cold paint marking, the color anti-skid marking, the anti-skid anti-skid marking and the preformed marking. The hot-melt marking line is currently the most widely used in China's road marking. It is with short construction time, high wear resistance and low cost.

The classifications and features of road marking

The marking line of road traffic is mainly located in the surface of road, which is subject to sun and rain, snow and ice, and suffered the impact of vehicle wear, so its performance has strict requirements. The first requirement is that the drying time is short and easy to operate in order to reduce the interference of traffic; the second requirement is with a strong ability to reflect, bright colors and strong reflective, which makes day and night have a good visibility; the third is should have a slip resistance and wear resistance in order to ensure traffic safety and service life.

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The road marking, the factory road marking, the factory parking lot, the underground garage crossed, the school road crossed, the living area scribe and other construction projects, which is divided into the cold paint crossed and the hot melt crossed.

With special road, it dedicated cold paint, artificial spraying, uniform thickness and clear color, including the parking spaces, the banned yellow line area, the channel line, the diversion belt, the guide arrow and so on.

The hot melt type marking

The composition of the hot melt type marking:

The main components of hot melt type marking paint are synthetic resin, glass beads, coloring pigments, body material packing, additives and so on, which is with the feature of synthetic resin thermoplastic to make hot-melt coating be with fast drying. With the hot meltability of synthetic resin, it will make the marking line and the road bond firmly. Adding additives in the coating can increase the coating plasticity, which makes the coating anti-settlement, anti-pollution and anti-discoloration. The color of the marking paint is both yellow and white. White is mainly titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and zinc barium white, and yellow is mainly heat yellow lead. The filling material of paint has an impact on the coating of the mechanical strength, wear resistance and hue. The size of the particle has an influence on the size of mobility, sedimentation and so on, while it also has an influence on the surface processing.

Road Pavement Markings Reflective Marker.jpg

The reflective coating of hot-melt improves the brightness and durability of the marking and adds reflective glass beads in order to improve the recognition of the night mark. The glass beads are colorless and transparent ball, which is with the function of refraction, focusing and directional reflection. The glass beads mixed into the paint or spread on the surface of the coating, the car light can be reflected back to the driver's eyes, which greatly improved the visibility of mark .

The construction process of hot-melt line

1.The reflective hot melt marking adopts glass beads primer and petroleum resin hot melt coating.

2. Put the coating on the hot melt machine to heat, the temperature of melting controls in 180 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees, and the mixture was sufficiently stirred for about 10 minutes.

3.Mark the position and measure. According to the location and graphics indicated in the design drawings, and then apply the paint primer to the marked diagram.

4.The primer can be hot before the hot melt is coated. It coated in the same time coated with reflective glass beads, which is to increase the identification of night, and the thickness of marking is 1.5 - 1.8MM.

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