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Remote Control Parking Lock Working Principle And Analysis
Feb 13, 2014

Third, other types of parking lock profile

In recent years, the rise of the parking lock has quickly passed several generations of product form, the market is still in the application of several forms are as follows:

m type manual  parking lock .jpg

1, manual parking lock using a special parking lock key into the keyhole, rotate the key, the parking lock arm automatically fall down flat, remove the parking key, the vehicle into the parking spaces. After the vehicle has left the parking space. Lift the parking lock arm to the vertical position, the parking lock automatically locked. This parking lock is characterized by: low prices, not high grade, requires manual operation.

2, remote parking lock car owners arrive (or leave) within 20 meters of parking spaces just by pressing the dedicated remote control button parking level controller can be achieved (or raised). Under special circumstances, you can also use the special key to open manually.

This parking lock features: wireless remote control to replace manual labor, the use has become very easy.

U type manual parking lock.jpg

3, auto-sensing parking lock

   At present, there are two ways for inductive parking lock: wireless auto-sensing and Bluetooth auto-sensing parking lock. When the owner's car near the parking lock, the parking lock automatically landed; when the owner's car away from the parking lock, the parking lock automatically rises.

   Auto-sensing parking lock is characterized by: automatic lifting mode, completely replace the human operation, enhance the grade, and to make life more relaxed and happy.

   Wireless auto-sensing parking lock low cost, suitable for large-scale promotion use; Bluetooth auto-sensing parking lock high cost, larger power consumption.

Column type manual parking lock.jpg

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