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Remote Control Parking Lock Working Principle And Analysis
Feb 06, 2014

1, the working principle:

   Auto-sensing parking lock is a car using radio frequency identification technology, referred to as RFID. The user is equipped with an electronic tag card. When the vehicle arrives at the parking space, the receiving end of the parking lock automatically identifies the ID number emitted by the electronic tag card. The parking lock automatically falls through the information processing and the vehicle enters the parking space at this time. When the vehicle leaves , If it can not receive the ID tag of the RFID tag, the parking lock automatically executes the ascendency to effectively prevent the other vehicles from occupying the parking space.

2, product features

A, Function: Auto-sensing parking lock can effectively and politely prevent other vehicles from occupying dedicated parking spaces. When the master car arrives near the parking space, the parking lock automatically falls and the car can park in the parking space. When the master car leaves, the parking lock automatically rises to prevent the other vehicles from occupying the parking space.

B, Features:

Automatic sensing vehicles, easy to use;

Intelligent coding technology, without mutual interference, practical and reliable;

Ascended automatically when the obstruction;

Low pressure alarm, over current alarm and other functions;

And has a general waterproof function, easy installation, low failure rate and so on;

with phone parking lock.png

3, the main performance parameters of the product

Working environment: -20 ~ 55 ℃;

Protection class: IP65, anti-sprinkling;

Working power: DC6V;

Power usage time: 30-50 days

Automatic sensing distance: 20-30 meters;

Rise and fall time: 6 seconds;

4, product installation and use

A, open the package after the battery plug and control board docking and fixed; about 12 seconds, the parking lock will automatically rise

Or descend (depending on the location of the electronic tag); Do not lock the parking space in a low-lying or watery place.

B, according to the specific circumstances (depending on the size of the parking spaces), after installation does not prevent other vehicles reversing is appropriate, select the installation location, the parking lock base corresponding holes in the floor drilling 14mm bottom hole. C, M10mm expansion screw in the ground hole, put the parking lock, and then tighten the nut, the screw black oil spray, thus, the installation is completed;

parking place lock.jpg

5, instructions

A, the installation is completed, you can immediately put into normal use.

B, electronic tags need to use the line hoisting the mirror in the car.

C, when the car parking spaces, parking lock should be in a rising position.

D, when the car arrived within the effective reception area near the parking spaces, should wait for the parking lock down, down to the lowest level before the car parked in the parking spaces.

6, routine maintenance, maintenance

A, simple structure, low failure rate, is a major feature of the parking lock.

B, when the parking lock slows down and significantly lower than before, that the battery is charged (with low voltage alarm).

C, to maintain the health around the parking lock, the base may not have particulate impurities; every six months on the parking lock movement plus one oil.

7, matters needing attention

A, parking lock up or down process, there may be no foreign objects or external obstacles to their movement.

B, parking lock rise and fall time of 4-6 seconds, when the battery voltage drops, the time will be slightly delayed, 10 seconds have not yet reached the highest or lowest position, this time to charge the battery.

C, the parking lock to clean, do not flush the interior of the parking lock directly with water.

D, the battery is best to use regular charging, battery life can be extended more than 4 years (30-50 days time charging, depending on the frequency of use).

car parking space lock.jpg

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