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Remote Control Parking Lock Working Principle And Analysis
Jan 31, 2014

Parking Lock Parking Lock Overview

   In the increasingly tight parking spaces today, how to avoid private parking spaces to be preempted by others, is a headache. Recently a new type of parking lock available, not only effectively solve this problem, but also play a role in anti-theft vehicle, by the owner's favorite. Special parking lock can effectively and politely prevent other vehicles from occupying special parking spaces: when the vehicle reaches the parking space, open the parking lock to park the parking space; when the vehicle leaves, lock the parking space to prevent other vehicles from occupying parking space; if After the car parked to the parking spaces, the parking lock locked, at the same time can play a vehicle anti-theft effect. At the same time increase the parking lock management, parking can improve parking, parking management convenience.

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   According to the control mode, parking lock can be divided into manual parking lock, remote parking lock and automatic sensing parking lock. Manual parking lock can be opened or closed by a dedicated parking lock; through the handheld wireless remote control can control the rise or fall of the parking lock within the range of 20 meters is the remote parking lock; automatic sensing parking lock is divided into radio frequency induction and Bluetooth Auto-sensing, when the owner's car from the parking lock within 20 meters, the parking lock automatically unlock landing, when the owner's car away from 20 meters, the parking lock automatically raised and locked.

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   Second, wireless automatic sensing parking lock

   Wireless auto-sensing parking lock is set my company over the years product development experience, and the well-known domestic parking lock company, the first domestic launch of a wireless auto-sensing parking lock. Parking lock automatically senses the location of the vehicle, to achieve "car to lock, car lock" function, completely free man-made operation. It also avoids forgetting to lift the parking lock when the owner leaves, to ensure foolproof. As we enjoy the ease of technology brought by high-tech while avoiding the high cost of using Bluetooth sensing.

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