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Remote Control Parking Lock Professional Information
Aug 15, 2014

Instructions for use, technical features and advantages, scope of application, technical specifications for marketing promotion, market analysis, forecast of economic benefits

 1. Technical characteristics and advantages

(1) The device is strong and not easily damaged.

(2) using wireless remote control, the use of more convenient.

(3) use of solar power, energy saving and environmental protection.

(4) embedded in the ground installation, easy access to parking spaces.

(5) low cost, easy maintenance, good market prospects.

The scope of application

(1) residential private car spaces.

(2) Unit car parking spaces.

(3) hotel club VIP parking spaces.

parking place lock.jpg

3. Market Analysis and Forecast of Economic Benefits

(1) The mechanical part of the equipment is relatively simple to make, has low technical difficulty, does not require a high technical background, is conducive to processing and production, and ensures the industrialization and production batch realization.

(2) In recent years, a substantial increase in car ownership, making the product has a huge market.

(3) products joined the intelligent module such as wireless remote control makes the product has a higher added value.

car parking space lock.jpg

Overview of research level of similar topics

 The current parking lock often requires the user to use a key to lock the switch, and the operation is complicated. For example, take a driver to drive a process as an example: the driver needs to use the key to open the lock, put down the anti-theft support, and then on the train, the car out, and then get off the anti-theft stent pull, and then the lock locked. The process takes six steps, more trouble. In this design, and then the same process as an example: the driver with the remote control so that the main body down, the car out of the car, then the remote control to lift the main body. Only 3 steps are needed in this process. There is also a remote control electric parking lock on the market, but its structure is unstable, especially the connection part between the base and the lifting rod can be easily damaged. And often need to replace the battery or use other external power supply lines, to the installation of a great inconvenience.

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