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Remote Control Parking Lock Professional Information
Aug 07, 2014

Design, invention of the purpose and basic ideas, innovation, technology and key technical indicators

1. Design the purpose and basic idea of invention:

Parking lock on the market using the key switch operation, the use of inconvenience. And vulnerable to criminals damage and the need to replace the battery frequently. In view of the above problems, it is necessary to design a new type of parking lock with firm structure, convenient use, energy saving and environmental protection. The basic idea is to design a parking lock embedded in the ground, installed in the rear of parking spaces. The use of solar panels as a secondary power supply, the use of remote control, driven by DC gear motor screw rotation, the main body will rise and fall, the parking stalls.

with phone parking lock

2. Innovative point (1) The use of spiral screw to lift the main body, the screw has a self-locking screw function, stable performance. (2) using solar energy as an auxiliary power, green. (3) using remote control, easy to operate.

3. Technical key and key technical indicators Technical key: The parking lock for remote control lift, safety and ease of use than the existing parking lock. The entire parking lock was symmetrical structure. Anti-theft base embedded in the ground, play a fixed role. Lifting and lowering of the main body when in use. When the DC motor drives the screw rod to rotate through the timing belt, the screw rod drives the bracket to move through the screw holes. The motor is fixed on the base, so the lifting body will rise.

car parking space lock.jpg


(1) Parking lock The height of the main body that rises above the ground is 100mm. This height can block the wheel and prevent it from hitting the chassis of the car. (Different models can be designed according to the height)

(2) parking lock load of 15000N, to prevent the car crushed.

(3) DC motor speed of 500r / min, to ensure that the main body can rise or fall within 5-10 seconds.

(4) parking lock length of 1.8m-2.0m.

(5) The area of the solar panel is 0.2m2

Scientific, advanced

(1) Screw has a self-locking screw function, function and stability.

(2) The remote control device to achieve parking lock switch, the use of more user-friendly, reducing the use of the steps, easy to operate.

(3) The use of solar panels auxiliary power supply, reducing the frequency of battery replacement, energy saving and environmental protection.

(4) embedded in the ground when installed, the car into the parking spaces more smoothly.

intelligent parking lock.jpg

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