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Remote Control Parking Lock
Dec 26, 2014

Direction of development

Remote control parking lock is actually a complete automatic mechanical equipment. Must have: control system, drive system, power supply. So can't avoid the volume problem and the service life problem. In particular, the power supply is the bottleneck for the development of remote control parking locks. Because the drive current is relatively large, the remote control parking locks are all powered by lead-acid-free, maintenance-free batteries. Everyone knows that there are self-discharge problems in the batteries. Month must be recharged, otherwise it will soon be scrapped.

But take the battery from the parking lock and hold it upstairs for one night. Then take it down and put it in the parking lock. I believe many owners are unwilling to do it.

Therefore, the ultimate direction of the remote control parking lock is: to reduce power consumption, reduce the standby current, use dry battery power, if you can only replace the battery for more than one year, the user will generally accept. But parking locks are very common phenomenon is that the battery life cycle is only tens of days, and some even a dozen days, such a high charging frequency, undoubtedly increased the user's trouble. Therefore, there is an urgent market demand for parking locks that use batteries for more than one year.

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Market demand

Nowadays parking lock R&D technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, but battery power can be used for more than one year. However, there are few remote control parking locks that have both waterproof and shockproof functions. Electronic technology is widely used to develop R&D ideas. Its superb technology is one of the few that has R&D capability. The best in the enterprise. Its battery broke the shackles of frequent charging, and only needs to be charged once a year. Its principle is the low energy consumption of remote control parking lock, the maximum standby current is 0.6mA, and the current during exercise is about 2A, which greatly saves power consumption.

On the other hand, if the parking lock is placed in a parking lot or in an open space, the waterproof, shockproof and anti-collision function of the parking lock must be strong, and the index of the resistance to external forces should be high. The shapes of the parking locks mentioned above cannot be comprehensive. Collision avoidance. The remote parking lock adopts unique anti-collision technology. No matter from any angle, it will not cause harm to the body, so it is truly 360° anti-collision; it is sealed with skeleton oil seal and O-ring, waterproof and dustproof, and protects the body. The internal parts are not corroded, effectively preventing the short circuit of the line, and the two technologies greatly increase the service life of the parking lock.

The use of parking locks

When the vehicle is about to reach the parking space, the owner uses the remote controller to control the parking lock so that the parking lock is lowered to the lowest position. The vehicle can enter the vehicle. After the vehicle enters the parking space, the owner clicks the remote control's ascend key and the parking lock automatically rises. To protect the state. When the vehicle leaves, the owner uses the remote control and presses the down button of the remote control to make the parking lock down to the lowest position. After the vehicle drives out of the parking space, the owner only needs to press the up button of the remote control. The parking lock can automatically rise to the protection. The state is now. Can prevent other vehicles from occupying parking spaces!

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