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Provincial Transportation Group And Nansha Investment Cooperation Established Nansha Trading Company
Jul 31, 2013

    Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Huang Shaohong intern / Zhang Shiting correspondent / Lin Zhengshan Liang Junfeng) Recently, Guangdong Provincial Communications Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Provincial Communications Group") and Guangzhou Nansha Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd. City Investment ") signed a Letter of Intent on Cooperatively Establishing a Joint Venture Company in Litong Plaza. The two sides will conduct all-round cooperation on the aspects of transportation infrastructure construction, smart traffic and smart city construction, road transportation and logistics industrial park construction.

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    This reporter has learned that the provincial transportation group and Nansha city voted both sides to Nansha New District Development Planning as the basis, in accordance with the "resource sharing, complementary advantages, equality and mutual benefit, and seek common development" principle set up cooperation Nansha trading company. Nansha Trading Company will invest, construct and operate Nansha traffic infrastructure and derivative industries. The above contracting parties will rely on the Nansha Trading Company in the transportation network such as high expressway, municipal road and ancillary facilities, bus station, road transportation station and large transport hub complex, intelligent traffic and smart city construction, transportation and municipal infrastructure Facilities and derivatives industries, along the transportation infrastructure and urban area investment and financing construction and development, road transport and logistics industries. Among them, after the establishment of Nansha Investment Co., Ltd., it is proposed to start the pilot project as the cooperative project to actively participate in the development and construction of the traffic comprehensive facilities and the mature parcels in the surrounding area of the Qing Sheng area, which have more mature conditions.

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    It is reported that the provincial transport group is a provincial large-scale state-owned enterprises, as of October 2017, the provincial transport group operating more than 5,500 km of highway mileage, the total assets of over 500 billion yuan, asset size and operation of the highway mileage in the province of provincial traffic Ranking No. 1 in the enterprise with the overall strength ranking among the top 50 in Guangdong and top 500 in China. It has 18 wholly-owned and direct holding companies, including 2 listed companies, with a total staff of 60,000.

    At present, Nansha is making a fuss about building a half-hour traffic circle in the Pearl River Delta. By speeding up the construction of an integrated transport hub in the Pearl River Delta, it focuses on building a high-speed rail transit system, laying a high-speed expressway network of "seven horizontal and seven vertical", advancing Nansha Commercial Airport, Construction of high-level transport hub nodes, to achieve rapid connection Nansha New Area, Guangzhou city center and the surrounding cities, build a core area around the city of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area half an hour traffic circle, shorten Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area cities between the time and space to facilitate the public convenient Travel to promote the transformation of Nansha from Geographic Geographic Center to Regional Traffic Center. The cooperation between Provincial Transport Group and Nansha Investment will further upgrade the industrial upgrading of Nansha, improve the transportation infrastructure of Nansha, further optimize the industrial structure of Provincial Traffic Group and speed up the provincial transportation group's vision of achieving a win-win situation through transformation and upgrading.

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