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The Principle And Applications Of Solar Traffic Signs
Nov 08, 2012

The solar traffic sign is a kind of traffic sign, which consists of the sign surface, the logo floor, the solar panel, the controller and the light emitting unit (LED). It uses the text and pattern to convey the warning, the ban, the instruction information to the driver and the pedestrian. In this way, it is to manage the safety of road traffic. It provides road users with the exact road traffic information so that the road is safe and smooth. It is an indispensable traffic safety ancillary facilities about the safety of life and property of drivers and pedestrians.

1、The technical background of solar energy generates

1.1 urban light pollution

No light of the world is dark, but there are bright light produced by the light pollution can not be overlooked, light pollution has been all-pervasive invasion of all the people's lives. After the night came, the dazzling, dazzling shopping malls, the hotel upstairs neon lights, light boxes advertising and lights signs, night permits the incandescent lighting and so on. It shine as the daylight,which is so dazzling. Some strong light even straights into the sky, making the night as the same day. The light pollution caused by the night lanterns has made people turn a blind eye to the passive reflective signs. In this city on the road, light pollution is serious, even the traffic lights are difficult to find. Ordinary reflective logo is more difficult to see.

traffic sign boards.jpgcustom traffic signs.jpg

1.2 mountain fog days

With the gradual improvement of the expressway construction in the plains, hilly areas and the economically developed areas of the provinces and cities, the focus of the expressway construction is gradually shifting towards the mountainous areas and the relatively backward mountainous areas of economic development. The mountainous highways are affected by the mountain valley More obvious, the average wind speed is only 1.2 m/s, humid climatic conditions coupled with the lush vegetation environment, so the section often fog generated. And because the highway is usually a long distance, especially many highways through rural areas and mountains, making the situation of the highway is relatively complex. Fog distribution is often very uneven, sometimes in a section of the line of sight is quite clear, and in another section of the fog filled. As the situation usually occurs at night, high-speed vehicles suddenly into the fog area, the driver will feel the visual suddenly dark, and some drivers can not adapt to the sudden changes in vision, it will produce a sense of panic, which easily lead to traffic accident.

    The working principle of solar signs can be summarized as follows: During the day solar panels absorb sunlight, and it can make the solar energy change into electricity in order to store in energy storage devices. In the evening, the electrical energy stored in devices will automatically change into light (through the photoelectric switch control ). It convey traffic information through the LED light to outline the outline of the picture.

traffic warning signs.jpgsolar road traffic signs (2).jpg

3、the structure of solar traffic signs three elements

3.1 Traditional solar signage

    Solar sign is different from the ordinary signs. The structure of ordinary signs is simple,however solar sign is complex. In addition to including the common signs with the logo floor, reflective film, but also includes solar panels, controllers, LED and internal connection circuit.  The main drawbacks of early solar sign are the following aspects:

A. The box is too bulky. However solar panels volume is too large to be conducive to package and transportation. It often cause internal damage in the transport process.

B. Batteries and circuits are sealed in the box, so it should not be replaced.

C. The box is so large that the seal should not be controlled.

3.2 The solar signs of a new generation

    Through long-term practice, it is in order to ensure the normal work of solar signs only the reasonable structure. The structure of solar sign should be with four elements: thin body light, easy to replace the battery circuit, solar panels can be turned, the highest waterproof rating IP68.

a. thin body light

The thickness of the plate is about 10mm, which is easy to transport and suspension.

b. the battery circuit easy to replace

The control box is easy to open.

c.solar panels can be turned

The solar panel bracket is a Vientiane wheel device that can be the solar panel facing the sun. It is more conducive for solar panels to absorb solar energy.

d. the highest waterproof rating IP68

Solar signs completely soaked in water can still be normal.

solar road traffic signs.jpgall traffic signs.jpg

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