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Plastic Reflective Spike Brief Introduction And Installation Methods
Nov 28, 2013


The spike we said mainly refers to solar road markers used on roads. Also known as the bump road sign. Is a traffic safety facilities. Mainly installed in the middle of the road marking or double yellow line, through its retroreflective performance to remind drivers to drive along the lane. Spike specifications are generally 100mm * 100mm * 20mm, the maximum height of not more than 25mm. There are a variety of reflector, a reflective sheet, reflective beads, led light, reflective film.

solar powered road studs.jpg

Installation method and steps

Spike installation of the general use of epoxy resin installed.

First, security cone number, construction diversion card 2 sets, baton, reflective vest one each. Before departure everyone must wear reflective vest, to the construction site must be placed good construction license and road cones. (Workers do: not joking, not slapstick, obey the conductor, 6 hours before the road can not drink), each team with 2-4 safety staff.

Second, tools hammer, tape measure, approved knife, a small plastic bucket, chalk, generators, hand drill, mixer.

Third, the product plastic spike (no nail)

Fourth, supporting materials,Epoxy A, B, cement

Fifth, the installation steps

(1) First, use a ruler to determine the installation position, 15m to install one, (according to the drawings installed) to ensure that the vertical position in a straight line, while the horizontal left and right alignment, installation distance and design requirements prevail.

(2) the ratio of plastic, plastic A and B glue 1: 0.7, and then add 15% -30% of cement as a filler (not easy to stir a lot of glue, enough to stick a person 50-70 Road Spike glue). Colloid to stir, (electric drill with a mixer) the same color. Each spike tacking requires about 40-50 grams of glue.

(3) Location of installation Pavement should be cleaned with about 40-50 grams of approved knife, smeared on the back of the spike, put it in a good position, and pressed firmly and left and right twice to make the spike and pavement closely adhered.

(4) Spike nail installation, spill around the spike glue, with a knife to scrape clean, and the road clean up.

Sixth, matters needing attention

Hands do not touch the reflector, to avoid glue stick to the reflector, affecting the reflective effect! Pavement with water, damp, oil is prohibited to install spikes (easy to fall off). Remove the road cone after 4 hours of installation.

solar powered road reflectors.jpg


According to the material can be divided into: 

First, cast aluminum spikes; 

Second, plastic spikes; 

Third, ceramic spikes

Fourth, the glass ball nails; Reflective beads nails (sub-21 beads and 43 beads, can be combined into the cast aluminum and plastic spikes inside)

In accordance with the function can be divided into: 

First, the ordinary spike; 

Second, solar spikes, 

Three, cable trunking tunnel; 

Fourth, wireless spikes.

According to the number of reflective surface can be divided into: single spike and double spike.

In the absence of special circumstances, reflective spikes refers to the ordinary spike.

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