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Parking Lock: Parking Caused By Those Reasons
Jul 24, 2014

  In recent years, more and more citizens complain that parking is getting harder and harder. Having a parking space of your own in your own community is even harder. And the problem of parking disruptions in both residential and public areas is really More and more headaches, but in the end what is the reason? Next and Xiao Bian look together, how are we analyzing?

1, car ownership increased rapidly

   According to statistics, the number of motor vehicles in our city increased from 317,000 in 2001 to 868,000 in 2010, with the annual growth rate exceeding 15% in recent years.

2, the central city parking supply and demand outstanding

   Visiting a number of streets in Zhongshan District, Xigang District and Shahekou District, it was found that due to attracting a large number of traffic flow, logistics and traffic flow, traffic centripetal force was lower in areas with smaller area, prosperous downtown areas and large commercial outlets. Large, parking spaces, parking more difficult. The closer to the city center, the more difficult the parking problem. Many car owners stop in downtown parking, take a longer time, take the car may occur due to the failure of the facility can not get out of the car.

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3, some built parking spaces are misappropriated, idle

   Interview, many owners reflect to reporters, poor management of parking spaces on the roadside drawing line. Reporters found that the current management of parking lots as a management unit, there is a long management, fragmented. In addition, the reporter also found that some large public buildings within the parking lot no one responsible for the management, no one supervise the implementation of some parking and even misappropriated him. Many units idle parking spaces, serious misappropriation, such as into a shopping mall or warehouse.

4, some units

Parking is not used as a public resource

The city's administrative offices and office buildings gathered, found working hours in the vicinity of the parking lot is full, after the parking lot is empty. In addition, the reporter visited the city more than four-star hotel found that some of them have their own use of large underground parking to meet their own parking demand more than enough, but do not want to open to the outside world, there was "outside stuffy, inside empty" Happening.

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5, some parking managers do not care

   In some public parking lots, reporters found that some car park managers charge parking fees very positively, but do not manage parking. Due to the negligence of management by the owners, the parked cars were randomly parked, disorderly parking in the parking lot, parking in the middle of the road and parking in corners were more common, so that some parking lots could not be more effectively utilized.

6, some owners of moral consciousness and weak legal concept

   Found in the survey, some owners for convenience, free parking at the parking lot,

Even the car parked in the channel, there are some owners just stop themselves, a car takes two parking spaces. In addition, some owners stopped their vehicles at temporary parking spots or on the roads, separated people's vehicles and vehicles, and even parked overnight. This caused serious problems of indiscriminate traffic jams and exacerbated parking problems. Analysis of the reasons, there are many people put forward the relevant solutions, but Xiaobian summary found that the effect is better, agree with the number of more ways is to use Topotec parking lock to manage their vehicles, Topote parking lock not only Can guarantee the safety of the parking spaces, and can also ensure the orderliness of the vehicles. In this way, no contradictions occur in the parking lots and parking spaces in the community or in public places.

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