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Modern Traffic Signal Requirements And Future And Installation Methods
Aug 05, 2015

Modern traffic signal requirements and future

The modern urban traffic signal control system is no longer the only control of traffic signals at intersections, but rather integrates traffic signal control at intersections, signal control in urban areas, and control of urban expressways and freeway traffic signals. The increasing traffic demand and traffic pressure require us to comprehensively utilize various new theories and new technologies to innovate and develop traffic signal control systems.

(1) To develop bus priority. Give priority to the development of rapid public

In order to ensure and realize public transport priority on hardware facilities; to develop a priority traffic signal control system based on radio frequency identification technology, and not to develop a public transportation priority signal control system based on global positioning system as far as possible for security reasons.

(2) To study the characteristics of China's transportation in depth, especially focusing on the characteristics of heavy mixed traffic and large numbers of bicycles, research and develop efficient adaptive control models and optimization algorithms.

(3) System development should be standardized and modularized. Standardization can break the traditional closed situation, attract more businesses and power input

To the development of the system; to achieve equipment commonalization, the introduction of competition with the industry to promote the development of better traffic signal control system; Modularization is conducive to the development and upgrading of the system.

(4) The control method must be intelligent [83]. To make full use of the artificial intelligence, automatic control, information fusion, computer and communications technologies that have developed in recent years, fuzzy control, neural networks, genetic algorithms, chaos theory, and expert systems are applied to the actual control system. Taking full advantage of information from multiple sources, fully considering the non-linearity, ambiguity and uncertainty of the traffic system, truly realizing intelligent traffic control.

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Traffic lights installed

It is believed that most of the engineering companies are more aware of the number of traffic lights installed for different live intersections. However, most of the terminal customers I meet are not very clear about the intersection of the projects they are implementing. In the end, they should install several sets of traffic lights, which are usually set according to local customs or personal preferences. So, let's learn about the installation of signal lights at the intersection.

1. Corresponding to an entrance of the intersection, one or more traffic light groups may be installed as required.

2. When a properly channeled triangular guide island is set up at the intersection, under normal circumstances, the traffic light pole should be set on the diversion island.

3. When the distance between the inlet parking line and the opposite signal light is relatively large, the traffic light with opposite direction should use the signal lamp with the transparent surface size of 400mm in diameter.

4. In the absence of traffic lanes for motor vehicle lanes and non-motor vehicle lanes, opposite traffic signal light poles should be installed at roadside cut point attachments. When the roads are wide, they can be installed on the sidewalks on the right side of the road by cantilever type.

5. The roads with motor vehicle lanes and non-motor vehicle isolation belts shall be installed within the distance of 2m behind the tangent point of the machine non-isolation zone when the width of the separation zone is permitted. When the road is wide, Cantilever type can be installed on the right side of the road, or a signal lamp group can be added in the left side machine non-isolation belt as required; when the road is narrow (when the road width of the motor vehicle is less than 10m), it can be installed on the column. In the isolation zone on both sides of the road; if the width of the barrier is small, the signal light pole cannot be installed.

6. The signal light at the overpass bridge is installed on the right side of the bridge or on the entrance lane; if there is a secondary parking line under the overpass, a signal light group should be added on the other side of the overpass.

7. The circular junction set signal lights control the vehicles entering and exiting the roundabout. In the roundabout, a signal light group is set to indicate the vehicles entering the roundabout respectively, and a signal light group is set on the outer layer of the roundabout to indicate the motor vehicles around the island.

8. If a left-turning turn-around zone is drawn at a bridge intersection or a large level intersection, if the vehicle entering the left-turning turn-around zone cannot easily observe the changes of the opposite light, it should be left-turning. Add a left turn signal group to the direction of the transition area.

9. Right-turn arrow lights with motorized right-hand diversion islands can be installed on right-turn diversion islands.

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