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Minimum Speed Limit Sign Meaning
Mar 20, 2015

Minimum speed limit sign meaning

Road traffic signs are facilities that use graphic symbols, colors, and text to convey specific information to manage traffic. It plays a role in ensuring the smooth flow of roads and the safety of traffic. Therefore, drivers and the majority of traffic participants must abide by; traffic safety slogans can improve the awareness of drivers and traffic participants in consciously adhering to traffic laws and regulations, and build a safe and smooth flow of traffic. The traffic environment is of great significance. However, if the traffic signs and promotional slogans are not set up or the content is inconsistent with the traffic regulations, they will mislead the traffic participants and cause hidden dangers for traffic safety.

China’s speed limit signs are mainly based on GB5768-2009 “Road Traffic Signs and Markings” and are designed to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and traffic safety. They are combined with road alignment, traffic conditions, and facilities along the route to enable them to be used on roads. Providers provide accurate and timely information, and through the guidance of speed limit signs and other signs, they can reach their destination smoothly and quickly. The speed limit value is also determined based on the 85% bit speed of the free-flow condition on the road.

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Laws and regulations

According to the provisions of Article 78 of the "Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), the expressway shall indicate the driving speed of the lane, the maximum speed shall not be higher than 120 kilometers per hour, and the minimum speed shall not be less than 60 kilometers. With two lanes in the same direction, the minimum speed of the left lane is 100 kilometers per hour.

According to Article 78 of the Regulations, the minimum speed of a highway shall not be less than 60 kilometers per hour. If there are more than 3 lanes in the same direction, the minimum speed of the leftmost lane is 110 kilometers per hour, and the minimum speed of the middle lane is 90 kilometers per hour.

In accordance with Article 78 of the Regulations, it is also stipulated that if the speed indicated on the road speed limit sign is inconsistent with the above-mentioned lane speed, the speed shall be the same as the speed indicated on the road speed limit sign. If the roads are in good condition here, it is understandable that the traffic management department will set the minimum speed at 90 kilometers per hour to improve traffic efficiency. However, if the driver wants to keep the speed below 90 kilometers per hour for safety, it does not violate the law. If the traffic control department punished the driver according to the sign of the road section, it appeared to be suspected of “imposing a fine”.

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