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Marking Tape
May 07, 2014

Paste the marking tape

   Adhesive reticle, also known as preformed reticle, highway tape; is a new type of material for road marking, with environmental protection, durability, beauty, construction convenience and so on.


   Preformed marking tape \ paste marking, marking tape are used adhesive design, great convenience to everyone's construction performance! And has a very high price! Width, length can be arbitrarily cut, the minimum width of 5CM, the maximum width of 1.2 meters, the maximum length of 100 meters.

Preformed Thermoplastic Road Markings.jpg


a, reflective properties: the use of brightness meter measurement, greater than or equal to the following values (unit: mcd)

Observation angle: 0.2 degrees Incidence angle: 86.5 degrees White: 1072 Yellow: 512

b, 45 degrees, 0 degrees, diffuse reflectance: Y-75 or more (only white)

c, tape strength: 10kg / 25mm width (vertical) above

Substrate with synthetic rubber, with greater tensile strength and elongation, while mixed with glass beads; has a high weatherability, abrasion resistance, non-sticky stains; bond strength, weather resistance, temperature High grade, plus grid substrate design.

Road Markings Tape .jpg

Data indicator

a, Glass Beads: Glass microspheres are transparent spherical glass beads with refractive indices of 1.5 and 1.9

b, synthetic resin: synthetic resin is uniform and strong adhesion of glass beads polyurethane material, excellent weather resistance

c, tape substrate: synthetic rubber

d, adhesive: adhesive is high-performance weather-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive

Tensile strength of substrate: 350

Elongation at break: 120

Wear resistance: less than 0.5

Temperature 60 ℃ X7 days: no abnormal coating surface, no abnormal adhesive

Low temperature resistance 0 ℃ X7 days: no abnormal coating surface, no abnormal adhesive, detailed data, see the test report page


The new pavement without coating agent, direct paste; Old Pavement (dirty pavement): It is recommended to apply the coating agent (method and coating agent and the same principle of hot melt marking) drying and paste.

Road Pavement Markings Reflective Marker.jpg

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