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Manual Parking Lock
Feb 20, 2014

  Parking lock, the choice of high-quality steel synthesis. Product appearance, unique design, fine workmanship, easy to use, safe and durable, never fade, reliable performance and quality, flexible operation. This product is fixed in the parking spaces, play a parking control protection, to prevent other vehicles occupied.

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Parking lock development prospects editor

   Now widespread vehicle parking chaos, free use of others parking spaces, remote parking lock has been widely used to a certain extent, to ensure the parking order, to avoid the parking spaces occupied by others. The use of parking lock, but also improve the safety performance of vehicles, effectively prevent criminals using electronic technology to steal the car after leaving the parking spaces! So that parking to maximize the usefulness!

Property, Parking With this product, you can make it easier for your car owner to use the parking space to increase parking user satisfaction. If the real estate company to install a unified parking lock as parking facilities, can help real estate sales of parking spaces, but also increased user satisfaction, users of parking spaces more at ease, so that real estate to maximize profits, real estate also has a good selling point . Owners have a dedicated parking spaces, property with anti-material facilities, can improve the satisfaction of the owners of the property, the property is the window of foreign publicity.

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Parking lock using the principle

   When the vehicle is about to arrive at the parking space, the owner uses the remote control to control the parking lock so that the parking lock can be lowered to the lowest position, and the vehicle can enter. After the vehicle enters the parking space, the owner presses the remote control up button and the parking lock automatically rises To protect the state. When the vehicle leaves, the owner uses the remote control, press the remote control down key, so that the parking lock down to the lowest position, the car out of the parking spaces, the owner simply press the remote control button, the parking lock can automatically rise to protection State. Can prevent other vehicles occupy parking spaces!

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