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​Lane Use Signal Detailed
Aug 26, 2015

    The lane use signal is specifically installed overhead to indicate whether a lane is allowed to pass.

   (1) Variable Lane Control

   The situation of variable lane control is common. Variable lanes can increase the number of lanes in a certain direction during a certain period of time, while the number of opposite lanes increases during a specific period of time, which is good for road control.

   (2) Arrangement of road use control signals

   The road use control signal is rectangular and has a width of 300mm. Lamp heads installed separately above the controlled road

  (3) Road Usage Control Signals

   Road use control signals should be installed at a common location above the road to ensure that the driver can always see at least one, and preferably two, lights. At signalized intersections, road usage signals should be far enough away from the signals to misunderstand the driver.

  (4) Types of road use control signals

Lane indicator light.jpg

   Road use control signals are divided into 4 categories

   1 point to the static green arrow;

   2 static red "X"

   3 static yellow "X"

   4 flashing yellow "X"

  (5) The static green arrow pointing down

   This signal indicates that the lane to which the arrow points allows vehicle traffic.

  (6) Static Red "X"

   This signal indicates that the lane is not allowed to pass through the vehicle

  (7) Static Yellow "X"

   This signal indicates that the vehicle should be ready to change lanes from the arrow indicated, and the country is about to display a red prohibition signal.

  (8) Flashing yellow "X"

   This signal indicates that the vehicle can turn left in this lane, but the driver should pay attention to using the lane to turn left. In other words, the blinking yellow "X" signal specifies a two-way left-turn lane.

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