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Keep A Good Traffic Order And Lay A Good Publicity And Education Protracted War
Mar 29, 2013

       This action focused on remediation of motorcycles, electric cars in the subway exit, bus stops and en suite passengers and electric bicyclists do not wear helmets (helmets), do not follow the traffic signs, take the motor lane, retrograde, red light Traffic violations; at the same time with the source rectification work, the motorcycle, electric bikes, electric tricycles, armored modified vehicles production, sale, repair, modification, assembling dens and stores to clean up, investigate and punish violations of illegal production and sale of illegal electric bicycles .

According to statistics, on the 7th, the region's power-limited banning work of motorcycles was unified and rectified. The street dispatched a total of 116 law enforcement officers and seized 58 motor-vehicles involved in the fire and charged 630 cases of rectification and reform at the charging points in the district and investigated 11 of them Involved in friction involving stores, check the situation is good.

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      In addition, we continued to carry out motor vehicle traffic regulation remediation actions such as "Dump Truck Remediation Action", "Hunting Tiger Action" and "Vehicle Breach Control Action". Xixiang Traffic Police Squadron and Xixiang Traffic Control Station were organized to carry out a thorough investigation and handling of traffic violations in areas under their jurisdiction such as speeding, overloading, chaotic parking and red traffic lights. Innovative work methods have been adopted to change the original operation of hunting tigers at night "Model, adding a daytime rectification group, increasing the crackdown on alcoholic driving and other illegal activities, rehabilitating traffic bad habits and annihilation, and guiding and urging the general public to change the bad habits of traffic and travel.

   In terms of publicity and education, the Sub-district Traffic Pre-mobilization mobilized the formation of traffic volunteers and vigorously carried out propaganda and order-guided traffic civilization. The campaign centered on the theme of "cherishing life and civilized travel" The traffic civilization. On the basis of the original "Five-into-one" propaganda work mode, the department conducted a large-scale traffic promotion literary performance with a brilliant performance and interactive links to guide citizens to abide by the traffic rules and establish the concept of "traffic travel and safety first".

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To care for the life safety of sanitation workers, the Sub-district Traffic Pre-office Coordination Traffic Police Squadron will give a lecture on traffic safety of sanitation workers to the community of Huangmabu, raise awareness of sanitation workers on traffic safety and awareness of self-protection, and require safety protection and deterrence during pavement operations Occurrence of traffic accident. After the lecture, they also interacted with sanitation workers on site to answer their questions on safety travel restrictions and maneuver restrictions.

        At the same time, to further strengthen the management of logistics and express delivery enterprises and transport vehicles, traffic police squadrons organized logistics express corporate safety conference convened "on the illegal driving of electric bicycles conduct rectification notice" and to the logistics express delivery company issued a letter of responsibility and rectification Notice, requiring all express delivery logistics area to stop using the tricycle, step-down traffic accidents.

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