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Is The Function Of The Parking Lock Great?
May 08, 2015

Is the function of the parking lock great? 

      The function of the parking lock is still quite large. If you have your own parking space, you do not have to lock the parking lock. If your car goes home, there will be no parking spaces. It means that your own parking space is occupied by someone else’s car. In this case, we will need to install a parking lock on our parking space to facilitate the parking of our car home. Parking locks are roughly divided into manual parking locks, remote parking locks and inductive parking locks, and manual parking locks. Parking lock price is relatively low, what is the principle of manual parking lock?

car parking space lock.jpg

      Use the key of the parking lock itself to insert the key hole, rotate the key by 90°, and the parking lock arm will automatically fall down and lay flat. Take out the key of the parking lock, and the vehicle will enter the parking space. After the vehicle leaves the parking space, lift it by hand. Parking lock arm to the triangle state (without the key, do not squat down), the parking lock lock into the parking space to protect the state, to prevent other vehicles occupy their own parking spaces.

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