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Intelligent Induction Parking Lock Installation And Use
Oct 24, 2013

Intelligent induction parking lock installation and use

1 installation location

Select the outdoor flat and dry concrete floor, the sensor parking lock placed in the middle of parking spaces entrance, so that the car normally enter the parking spaces will not be rolled to the parking lock.

car locked in parking lot.jpg

2 installation method

First force the parking lock arm pulled up into an upright state, and then use the key to open the lock on the cover, set off the cover.

Depending on the position of the three mounting holes on the floor of the parking lock, drill three holes 12 mm in diameter and 50 mm deep and tap into the M8 expansion bolt.

Place the three pads on the bolt first, then install the parking lock, install and tighten the nut.

Place the battery in a specific position of the parking lock, take the corresponding vehicle identification card to a distance (40m away from the open space), and then insert the battery plug into the corresponding jack.

Cover parking lock, and then lock the cover, the antenna card to the antenna card.

The corresponding vehicle identification card to get parking lock near the parking lock arm down, indicating parking lock installed successfully.

The vehicle identification card preferably sticks to the back of the vehicle's interior mirror or the middle of the upper edge of the front windshield.

car park barriers.jpg

3 use method

Vehicle identification card installed in a specific vehicle, when the vehicle close to the parking lock, the parking lock arm down, when the vehicle away from the parking spaces, parking lock up.

Smart sensor parking lock precautions

Parking lock in the use of the surface should be regularly cleaned of dust and garbage, as far as possible to ensure that the parking lock clean and dry.

Try to ensure that the antenna card in the antenna seat, the direction of vertical upward, so as not to affect the parking lock normal work.

Before using the parking lock, the battery should be recharged. The charging time should be controlled at more than 10 hours. After fully charged, the indicator of the charger will turn from red to green.

When using the process of parking lock power shortage alarm sound or when the arm is found to be significantly slowed down should be timely replenishment.

When the vehicle identification card within one minute of a green light does not blink that the vehicle identification card power shortage, vehicle identification card should be charged.

Do not disassemble the parking lock battery. Do not use chemical liquid to clean the battery. If the battery case is damaged, remove it carefully and send it to the designated battery recycling department to prevent any parts of the body from directly touching the damaged battery surface.

Do not disassemble the circuit part of vehicle identification card and parking lock.

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