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Huzhou Port Container Throughput Over 70% Over The Same Period Last Year
Apr 26, 2013

According to the report of Huzhou Port and Shipping Administration of Zhejiang Province, from January to November this year, Huzhou Port completed 316,000 TEU of container throughput, up 73.5% over the same period of last year and is expected to exceed 350,000 TEU by the end of this year.

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In recent years, Huzhou Port has taken the opportunity of establishing "Model Demonstration Zone for the First Inland Water Transport Industry in China" to push forward the structural reform of water supply side and actively carry out the quality change, efficiency change and power reform of Lingang Economic Development and stimulate the new kinetic energy of green economy .

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In order to build Huzhou Port into a "bridgehead" for Shanghai Port and Zhoushan Port in Ningbo, Huzhou accelerated its efforts to promote intermodal transport and multimodal transport modes of transport to open up the bottleneck of container transport and make up for the shortage of waterway transport. Following the Lake Jiashen line, Changzhou Shenzhou Huzhou section of the construction of a kilo-class waterway, the Yangtze River extended westward channel, Huzhou section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, "four to three" renovation, construction of Zhejiang North high-grade waterway container shipping channel "three Major project "is also being fully promoted, covering the city's" four horizontal and four vertical "Jianghai River shipping channel network to accelerate the formation.

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