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How To Install Remote Parking Lock?
Aug 21, 2014

   Before installation to prepare some necessary tools: a parking lock, expansion screws 3, a drilling tool.

Remote parking lock installation methods and procedures

First check the purchase of the parking lock parts are complete, parking lock generally include: a remote control, two keys, a battery, a charger, which is standard.

Second, choose the installation location: parking lock to be installed inside the parking spaces, near the head 1/3, left and right play, you can take a little measurement of the ruler, and then make a mark at a certain point.

The basic completion of Topotek parking lock product assembly. The external black lid can be opened, then the battery loaded, the switch on, and then the case back.

In accordance with the parking lock three installed expansion nail position, draw three points on the ground, you can borrow the puncher to the property, and then perforated on the ground in turn.

    With a screwdriver, tighten the three expansion screws, fixed to the ground

After installation, try to use the parking lock with the remote control to see if it can work properly. It is a total of groups by electromagnetic waves, the use of the range of 15-40M.

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