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How To Improve The Anti-static Pressure Spikes And Impact Strength And The Installation Of Solar Spikes When The Glue Problem
Sep 26, 2014

To improve the anti-static strength and impact strength of the spike is conducive to the use of the time does not occur damage, so Spike manufacturers need to take some measures on this.

The anti-static strength of the spike is mainly achieved by increasing the strength of the material of the spike body. At present, the Al-type spike sold on the domestic market is divided into two types, namely, metal spike, engineering spike and mixed material spike, of which metal spike has the highest compressive strength, engineering plastic material and mixed material Road nails second. The impact strength of the spike can of course be improved by increasing the strength of the spike body material. From the aspect of material, the impact strength of the metal material is the highest, followed by the engineering plastic material, while the impact strength of the mixed material is the lowest.

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When we choose Spike, the same need to check its performance in both areas, it is best to well-known spike manufacturers to buy, the quality is more protected.

Solar spike installation location must be smooth and clean, so that the bottom surface of the contact area with the ground surface, but the spike manufacturers remind us, but also pay attention to it with plastic problems.

At present, asphalt glue and epoxy glue are mainly used, of which the advantage of asphalt glue is that the curing time is short, but in summer, when the surface temperature reaches 70-80 degrees, it softens and the wheels may impact on impact Off, or soften the black asphalt glued to the surface of the reflector, affecting its reflective effect. So it is best to use epoxy glue. In the epoxy resin, plastic curing agent, cement proportioned with a very viscous, especially in winter, it is difficult to move with the labor, this time will be fully equipped with a stirring gun and uniform, in order to better play Its curing effect.

Apply the glue to the surface of the road and squeeze the solar spike firmly. Pay attention to the proper dosage. If too few spikes, the nail is not strong enough. If too much, it will waste glue and easily stain the reflector.

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