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Hot Melt Marking Paint
Sep 05, 2014

Hot melt marking paint

Hot melt marking paint is coated on the road, marking a road marking a coating. Road marking is a kind of safety mark, which is an intangible "language" in road traffic.

Road marking paint is coated on the road, used to mark road marking paint. It is a safety sign and a "language" in road traffic.


Road marking paint used in China has hot melt, water-based and solvent-based three types. Traffic safety management departments use road markings to enhance traffic safety management, reduce accidents and beautify urban roads. The eye-catching road markings depend on high-performance marking paint. With the modern construction of environmental protection and the standard of wear-resistant, non-slip, weathering and durability of the high demand, low-cost hot-melt marking paint became China's first choice for road marking paint. In changing the fluidity of hot-melt coating, usually by increasing the resin content or use a variety of processing aids to achieve, and this approach will to some extent make the paint dry difficult, and will result in the coating is soft and easy Dirt stain dirt. In addition, more important point is to increase the amount of additives or resins in the coating, while increasing the manufacturing cost of the coating. By adjusting the proportion of the glidant in the coating, under the premise of ensuring the quality, the coating has good fluidity, which is beneficial to the construction and at the same time the cost control is achieved.

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Purpose introduction

Hot melt reflective marking paint is mainly used for roads above Grade 2 and the highway. The thickness of the marking coating is (1.0 ~ 2.5) mm. There are reflective glass beads mixed in the paint. Line construction, surface sprinkle reflective glass beads. This line has a good night reflective properties, long service life, according to the traffic flow of highway construction of various types of road marking paint demand estimates, the small and the paint itself may be, generally up (2 ~ 3 years. Hot-melt coating construction requires special heating equipment. The second re-coating of the old markings, the first eradication of the thick old coating can be applied.

Construction methods

Hot-melt marking paint at room temperature is a solid powder, the construction, the paint into the melting tank, the kettle temperature is controlled at between 180 ℃ ~ 210 ℃, while melting while stirring, to be molten after the melt-flow state, Into the crossed car insulation melting hopper. The molten coating is then introduced into the scoring hopper and held warm to keep the material in a molten state. Pre-marking line marked marking machine position, according to the design icon of the coating position with a primer coating machine primer. To be thoroughly dried under the paint before being able to apply marking paint. At the beginning of scribing, scribing bucket should be placed on the road, due to the scribe bucket and the ground between a certain gap, when the scribe car forward, by automatic flow and scraping out a neat line. Glass bead spreaders automatically and evenly spread a layer of reflective glass beads on the marking line.

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Advantage Profile

Hot-melt road marking paint using the thermoplastic synthetic resin, the hot-melt paint has a quick-drying, the use of synthetic resin hot melt, so that the marking and road adhesion firm. Hot melt reflective road marking paint generally consists of thermoplastic resin, pigments and fillers, reflective materials and other additives. Hot-melt coating powder at room temperature. Components without solvent volatiles. Construction heating it melts, and then use special equipment coated on the ground, relying on physical condensation solidification film. For hot melt road coatings, the fluidity is a very important technical indicator during construction.


Road marking paint is coated on the road, used to mark road marking paint. Road Marking is a safety mark and a "language" in road traffic. Road marking is an important part of transportation facilities. Clear and complete road marking can give drivers and pedestrians a good condition to reflect, which can effectively reduce accidents and improve driving efficiency. A statistics shows that the road marking and the accident-related probability of 70%, can improve the transportation efficiency of 30%. The traffic flow on the highway is getting bigger and bigger, and the traffic speed is gradually increasing. Therefore, the development of traffic safety facilities and the features of safety, economy, durability and aesthetics are also put forward higher requirements.

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