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Hebei Yongqing Bureau Of Transportation Road And Bridge Engineering How Can Deceive The Ears?
Jul 18, 2013

Hebei Yongqing Bureau of Transportation Road and Bridge Engineering How can "deceive the ears"?

With the promulgation and implementation of laws and regulations such as "Tendering and Bidding Law" and "Tendering and Tendering Law", which have promoted the healthy and steady development of bidding in our country, this has played a powerful role in promoting bidding and bidding for projects. The ratio of public bidding was significantly increased, the bidding in the illegal behavior subject to certain constraints. However, the reporter recently received a report from the masses in Yongqing County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, Yongqing County Department of Transportation established a subordinate named Yongqing Traffic Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. of the enterprise, the county's transportation sector as long as the company's qualification within the Project, the basic are swept it, and sometimes with one of the company's largest shareholder of Yongqing Highway Management Station to participate in the superscript, highway management station director Li Chuan Fang Department of the company directors, which are also most likely to appear serial standard behavior . Apart from these do not say, the establishment of the company Yongqing County Department of Transportation also contributed 6.5 million as a controlling shareholder, such as these and the owner units, affiliations, interests of the company, according to relevant state regulations, should not participate in the Bureau As the owner of the tender, not only to participate in it and can often win the bid. The reasons were clear at the same time. The whistleblowers also urged reporters to pay close attention and report on them so as to urge the relevant laws and regulations to be implemented without any discount in the locality so as to enable the relevant departments to fulfill their duties and give us a living way for those companies without backstage support.

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To further understand the situation reporter rushed to Yongqing County, saw the whistleblower in the county, after he saw a reporter to the reporter provided a pile of materials, including traffic Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. Yongqing County in the business sector registration information, Registration information shows that the company is funded by the Yongqing County Department of Transportation 650 million investment in highway management station Yongqing 350 was established in April 27, 2000, the Department of Transportation as a controlling shareholder. In the material, there was also the successful bid announcement of the project of "Repairing Project of Sunjia Truss to Four Roads of Huangcun Road in Yongqing County" on May 16, 2017 as the owner unit of the county Bureau of Transportation. 

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As announced in the announcement Yongqing County Road Management Station also participated in the tenders of the bidding, but did not provide registration or the location of the prosecutor's office for the project issued by the "bribery file information archive," the original did not pass the qualification review. The informant pointed to the material angry that you see, so obvious violations, but we can be popular here, first of all, the company is the Bureau of Transportation and Highway Management Station co-funded the establishment of 10 million, the Department of Transportation is the actual controlling shareholder , Now in order to recover the cost of what no matter, the laws and regulations of the state there is no way to restrain them. Pursuant to Article 34 of the Implementation Regulation of Bidding and Tendering Law, "Legal persons, other organizations or individuals that have an interest in the bid inviting tenders that may have an interest in the bid inviting parties shall not participate in the bidding." Units with the person in charge of the same person or holding, the management of different units, shall not participate in the same tenders or tenders without the same bidding tender. Violation of the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs, the provisions of the relevant bids are invalid, it is clear that the owner unit Yongqing Traffic Bureau and Traffic Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. Yongqing existence stake and holding, management relations, the company all the winning bid section should be invalid , But the company not only won the bid, the implementation of the project also successfully settled, really incredible. In addition Yongqing County Highway Management Station is also one of the shareholders of the company, and the road management station manager Li Chuan Fang is also a bridge company directors, the two are inextricably linked units also participated in the tender, it is clear that this has been suspected of string Standard and enclosed mark. Although the road management station did not pass the qualification examination, but the reason is absurd, a unit often participate in the bidding how to make such a low-level mistakes, people know at a glance know that there are provisions in some tenders, there must be sufficient company registration To be counted as legal, this is not a typical charge it? According to Article 53 of the "Bidding and Tendering Law of the People's Republic of China", the "bid-winning bidder or bidding collusively with the tenderee" shall be punished with "successful bid invalidation", fines and accountability. Article 223 of the Criminal Law stipulates that bidders collude with each other to offer quotations to the detriment of the tenderee or other bidders. If the circumstances are serious, the bidder shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention and shall be sentenced to a fine of one yuan. Such a strict state regulation can not even combat such acts.

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