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Expanding Openness, Active Choice For Common Prosperity
May 02, 2018

For the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, China has made every effort to promote a new round of higher levels of opening up to the outside world, so that China’s impetus for development has also made the world economy flourish. According to a report recently released by the WTO, although the escalation of trade friction among some economies may increase the uncertainty of trade prospects, it remains optimistic about the growth of global trade this year. Faced with the rise of protectionism, lack of global growth momentum, and intensified regional conflicts, China is firmly following its own path and running its own affairs. It has become a driving force in the process of economic globalization and a worldly stable ballast.

Expanding the opening up is an era choice made by China based on its own development needs. Deepening reforms and opening wider to the outside world is China's initiative and established policy for achieving high-quality development. It will never abandon the road because of rough roads, nor disrupt rhythm due to external challenges. Against the background of the rise of trade protectionism, China’s opening up has not stagnated. It has never wavered in adhering to the Heiner River, reflecting the firm confidence of China’s roads and demonstrating the strength of China’s development.

Expanding the opening up is also an action that China is taking to promote economic globalization and benefit the people of all countries in the world. The “New Four Big Inventions” such as shared bicycles went out with China’s opening up. Fresh imported avocados, fine wines, and other imported goods came along with China’s opening up, enriching the daily life of consumers both at home and abroad. This is the positive and open charm. Where The trend of economic globalization is irreversible. Trade protectionism will only seriously threaten global economic growth and affect the common well-being of the people of the world. China has taken the initiative to open up its stance into the world, won plaudits, and promoted the development of economic globalization toward a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced, and win-win situation. It has become a flood control embankment that blocks the spread of trade protectionism, effectively safeguarding common prosperity and development. International economic and trade order.

"Efforts to benefit open enterprises as early as possible to Chinese enterprises and people will benefit all companies and peoples in the world." China, which has experienced "closed doors for construction," has learned more about the significance of opening up to the country's development and cherishes today's development. Hard-won open environment. A more open China will surely create new opportunities for global economic growth, add new impetus, and allow the road to common prosperity to grow wider and wider.

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