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Determine The Performance Of Solar Road Stud Quality(1)
Oct 17, 2012


You should measure the performance of a solar spike from the following aspects:

Solar spike compression performance:

If the solar spike can not bear certain pressure in the car after rolling or shock, it will be very easy to break. Naturally it can not work properly, so the pressure is a basic condition when solar nail is in normal work. But the problem is that the solar spike itself is an electronic product, including electronic part. It is really not an easy thing to want it to have a higher degree of compression performance. Generally speaking, so the compression performance of solar spike compression performance is poorer than ordinary spike. By the end of 2014, the technical requirements about the Ministry of Transportation were ten tons.

There are several ways to improve effectively the compression performance of solar spike: First, the solar panels exposed to the outside use PC bullet-proof materials to enhance compression capacity of the electronic part; Second, you should use IC control to reduce the electronic circuit of the volume and the pressure on the electronic part as much as possible; Third, with the design of some reinforcement on the shell, it can share the electronic part of the pressure.

solar road cat eye.jpg

The brightness of solar road cat eye:

Solar road cat eye lights actively and clearly outline the contour of the road. Compared to the reflective spike, its’ extremely important feature is a large luminous intensity. As for this indicator, the Ministry of Transportation requires 2000 MCD.

The stability of solar road cat eye:

Battery Life

It is battery life that is an important factor in determining the life of solar spikes, so the selection of the battery is critical. By the end of 2014, there are two types of batteries on the market that can refer to, one is that the battery capacity reduced to 50% after the charge and discharge 500 times; the other is that the battery capacity reduced to 79% after charge and discharge 1000 times.

The battery life is not only long enough, but also able to work in a larger temperature range. The battery inside is a chemical substance, if the temperature is too high or too low, the battery can not work. So the battery operating temperature range of solar spike must meet requirements used environment actually. The requirements for Ministry of National Transportation are -10 degrees to 50 degrees. However the actual environment is often beyond this range, which put forward higher requirements for battery.

Electric circuit

The design of the circuit board must follow the simple and effective design principles, and not artificially complicated, because more than one line means more than one possible of failure. Electronic components should be carefully selected, because any one of the electronic components appear the problem, which may make the whole system paralyzed.


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