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Countdown Traffic Light
Sep 13, 2013

Countdown traffic light

The countdown traffic light is a traffic light that shows the length of the signal remaining while displaying the current signal type.

Basic Information

Countdown traffic light is an important part of the traffic, which uses LED light-emitting display so that the display 60 seconds countdown function, but also change; to determine if feasible. Constant current power supply, green tube protection circuit, a single LED damage does not affect the entire lamp performance. Countdown two-color display, respectively, showing red and green light of the time; completely learning type sampling, midway change in the law will not cause crashes; LED arranged science, uniform brightness, wide viewing angle. power supply

Directly from the signal power supply, no separate power cord.

traffic signal timing.png


Signal for constant current power supply, each current 20MA ± 0.2MA

Aluminum alloy shell, the surface of the anti-corrosion spray treatment, protection class is not less than IP533

; Signal lights need long-term outdoor use, in addition to ensuring the durability of the lamp housing body, the use of stainless steel screws to fix the various signal light components.

Aluminum shell, the surface of the anti-corrosion spray treatment, protection class is not less than IP533

The main components

Red red tube: 120; yellow yellow tube: 120; green tube green 120;

Line connection: Red and yellow three parallel, each 40 series LED;

Green tube points 2 parts, each part of 2 parallel, each 60 series LED;

Luminous surface diameter 300mm.

Technical Parameters

(1) light intensity: ≥ 4000cd

(2) working voltage: 12V

(3) Power: ≤5W

(4) light source life: ≥ 100,000 hours

(5) Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +75 ℃

(6) Viewing angle: ≥300

(7) Visual distance: φ400mm signal ≥ 400m

(8) damp heat performance: air relative humidity 5% ~ 95%

(9) Shell protection grade: ≥ IP43

(10) Insulation resistance: more than 10MΩ

(11) Dust: in line with GB14887-2003 standards

(12) Anti-vibration: in line with GB14887-2003 standards

(13) Wind pressure: 145km / h

traffic light timings.png

Design principles

Principle introduction

Traffic light is an important and indispensable tool in urban traffic and an important guarantee for urban traffic order. This example is to achieve a common cross light function. Readers through the study of the traffic light controller, you can achieve a more complete traffic lights. For example, real-time configuration of various lights time, manual control of the status of each lamp.

Traffic at a crossroads is generally divided into two directions, each with three red, green and yellow lights, and a left turn light in each direction, so there are four lights in each direction.

The traffic light is also designed for the status of each lamp countdown digital tube display. You can set an initial value for the status of each lamp. After the lamp status changes, the countdown starts according to this initial value. After the countdown is reset, the status of the lamp will change to the next status.

It is worth noting that the status of traffic lights in both directions is relevant. In other words, the status of the lights in each direction affects the status of the lights in the other direction so that traffic in both directions can be coordinated. If each direction of the lamp is independent of change, then the traffic light has no meaning.

traffic light timing.png

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