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Banan Turn Traffic Difficult Into Bright Spot
Jul 12, 2013

To get rich, first build roads - this is an "old adage" but never outdated. Transportation has always been hailed as "the pioneer of development," and the report of the party's 19 major government has explicitly proposed that "we must build a powerful transport state" and the status of transportation plays a decisive role. As the southern gate of the 9th district of Chongqing's main city, Banan District is the main battlefield for future urbanization of Chongqing Municipality and an important area for gathering emerging industries and population. At present, major traffic projects and shortboard projects have been started one after another.

Banan District, starting from the top-level design, focusing on the realization of integrated transport "a network" to the main transport complex of the main framework to a comprehensive hub as the key point of connection, and strive to create high-quality fast traffic network, high efficiency common trunk network, Extensive coverage of the basic service network to speed up the formation of high-quality three-dimensional Internet integrated transport network pattern, so traffic congestion, difficulties, nodes become bright spots!

South Central interchange so that "blocking point" all-round acceleration

Every night when night comes, overlooking Banan from the sky, the city lights illuminate this territory, and it is just a traffic link connecting these light spots. From speed to height and then length, time and again refresh the record, a key transportation project lifted the rise of Banan, one of the most outstanding is the South Ring Road Interchange.

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Nanhuan Interchange Reconstruction Project is located in Jinshi Town, Banan District. It is an important node of the city's external interconnection channel as the transportation link between the main city and the boundary stone. It is important to bear the heavy burden of connecting Yu-Qian Expressway, Yu-Xiang Expressway and the Ring Expressway. It goes without saying.

In 2000, the South Ring Road Interchange was completed, which is a three-way crossed Y-type interchange formed by the intersection of Yu-Qian Expressway and the upper boundary.

In 2004, in order to facilitate the upper and lower highways such as Jadestone and Yinglong, three additional ramps were added to its Y-type interchange to form a four-way circuitous + semi-directional Y-type interchange.

In 2006, with the construction of Yuxiang Expressway, its starting point was also chosen here. Once again, a new single-horn interchange was set up there to form a 5-way interchange interchange.

In 2012, with the implementation of the policy of banning trucks entering the city during the daytime in the inner city of the main city, a single-horn parking interchange to disperse the unilateral parking area of the wagons was added to evacuate trucks on the Yu-Qian Expressway and Yu-Xiang Expressway .

Time and time again and again to upgrade!

Although technical standards are high and environmental requirements are high, hundreds of builders involved in the construction insist on harsh or even "nitpicking" attitudes and innovate step by step.

In recent years, the economy of Jinshi Town has developed rapidly. In 2016, its GDP for the whole year of 2016 increased by 18.6% over the same period of last year. Its industrial output value increased by 60.7% over the same period of last year. Its investment in fixed assets increased by 146.7% over the same period of last year.

Synchronous cutting the same pace, with Chongqing Digital Industry Park as the main industrial development achieved remarkable results, Hitachi Chemical, Depp, Nidec, Hengan Paper, Wacker, the United States, the Shuguang Industrial Park, Ninghui Business Park and other strategic emerging Industry has been stationed and put into operation, the formation of industrial cluster effect; Chongqing highway logistics base initially built billions of levels of business logistics agglomeration, led South China City, Tiejizhi, Zongshen Chegu, Xie Xin, tobacco and other professional markets gradually formed large-scale bulk trading network system.

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Behind the economic development means more busy and more traffic demand, the resulting traffic growth on the current Jieshi town of the external linkages, especially the rapid transition of Inner Ring South interchange set a greater demand.

At present, the crossing has many interlacing sections with short interlacing length, many sub-rendezvous points, short sub-confluence distance, low service level and poor traffic capacity, failing to meet the functional requirements of ring interchange and ray interchange. Nanhuan Interchange has become a normalized congestion, which has become a bottleneck restricting the economic development in the Area.

Many taxi drivers from the Jieshi received the guests first sentence is often: "Do not take the South Central Link?" In the daily call of the people at the urging, the transformation of the South Central interchange was put on the agenda. Based on the full utilization of the existing T-type interchanges, a new ramp on the left and right of Fucheng Road and eight ramp F, G, J, K, L, M and the right auxiliary lane on the Yu-Qian Expressway will be newly added. A, D ramp to be rebuilt, C, E two ramp local sections to widen, cancel the original overpass turn ramp, change the loop traffic organization form, the formation of turbo interchange.

From "blocking" to "non-blocking", it is separated by a distance from Nanhuan Interchange. This project is to solve the traffic jam of Ring Expressway in the area. Neihuan Expressway is the shortcut and main channel of freight linking the main districts , Intercepting and diverting traffic in transit, sharing the pressure on roads and nodes, and strengthening the links between the various groups. The reconstructed Nanhuan Interchange has a total length of 72.2 kilometers. It is currently carrying out preliminary work in full swing and is expected to start in the first half of 2018.

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