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Banan Makes Public Transport The First Choice For Mass Excursions
Jun 13, 2013

Get out of the bus station or light rail station, no matter what kind of public transport options, get off can visitBusiness district, to the unit's walking distance is also controlled within 10 minutes ... ... This is a lot of Banan people's daily outLine status.

In recent years, with the rapid economic development, Banan and many cities face the problem of traffic congestion common problems in the city; Banan and many cities are different, there is no limit, limit purchase, but by increasing investment degree, improve public transport network, increase public transport attractiveness, public transport allow low-income people to sit up.High-income people get used to it, and become the first choice for daily travel.

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With respect to protect the rights and interests

City traffic congestion, complex causes. The number of motor vehicles is growing rapidly, and urban road planning is not reasonable, Large-scale road construction, are constantly increasing the degree of congestion in the city.

Governance block, the development of public transport is the fundamental solution, and the first step in development is how to make public transport "Get up. "

The bigger the city, the larger the population and the larger the radius of travel, the more it depends on public transport. Banan knot combined with their own reality, ask the doctor "drag bus hind legs" short board problem: Some sites set unreasonable to the group

Public inconvenience caused by traffic congestion or increase the road; some less line vehicles, running long intervals, waiting for the car long lines of passengers; some areas "last mile" is not completely open up.

How to do? Respect citizen's right of passage.

In addition to increasing the number of vehicles and increasing the frequency of departure, Banan also plans to give the public a full right of way, because it is advisable to plan bus lanes and connect them to networks. Such as accelerating the construction of bus hub station, optimization bus lines, bus routes outside the Second Ring steady development, adding passenger greeting station (point), the construction of public transportation excellent First Road and so on.

In 2017, Banan already adjusted and enter  ed into the routes of 194, 307 and 317 buses Step convenient for the masses to travel; opened Long Island Bay - Saint lamp Hill, Long Island Bay - Wuzhou Park two tourist routes set Bus system, to promote the development of tourism in the area; newly built 30 passenger greeting stations, passenger greeting point 125, by passenger cars no longer be the sun and rain; plans to seven kilometers south of Yu Nan Road to the fried oil field, Li Jiatuo to Lee Nine junctions to set up bus lanes, the next step will be dedicated bus lanes extend to Yu Huan; plans to 2018 updated bus 350, of which 12 meters long first-class bus 110, in fact in 2017 50 yuan...

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Behind this series of initiatives, feel the strongest, the most benefit is the local people. August 15 this year for the citizens of Mukdong, Shuanghekou, Fengsheng and Maliuzui, the four ring towns (streets)

That is a big day, because 19 bus lines officially run, we bluntly, "happiness is coming too fast!"

Now not only city buses, there are two customized travel bus options. To double Hekou town, for example, to the city can only travel from Ma Liuzui (Cheonggyecheon) departure of the bus, in case of traffic Larger times, the villagers can not sit Shuanghekou. And departure time is not fixed, the villagers only early in the morning Go out, and sometimes first-class is two or three hours, very inconvenient. Now finally got from the town of Shuanghekou Departure of the vehicle, do not wait, a car direct access to Long Island Bay.

Use technology to unlock management challenges

Traffic congestion control, in addition to focus on promoting public transport from the big point, the need to optimize from the details,Implementation of sophisticated traffic management. Banan told everyone with practical action that small ideas can solve big problems,Small moves can bring big changes.

Random parking to the city traffic adversely affected. Over the years, traffic police patrol parking disorder is "press under the gourd float scoop ", drivers and traffic police on the road" guerrilla warfare ", there are non-stop traffic police patrol, Patrolling left to stop, chaos parking has become a chronic illness in urban traffic management.

In response, Banan strong reflection of the masses Lijiatuo Ronghui Avenue, Nanquan Street, Huimin Street Market town, respectively, an additional automatic capture facilities stop illegal remediation illegal parking order.

Automatic violation of capture system is more advanced transport facilities, if the driver violated the vehicle, automatic grasping shoot system will send a text message to the owner in a short period of time to remind owners "immediately leave, if not leave, will was sentenced to 200 yuan fine. "In addition, the above road sections of the central road also installed a barrier to prevent. Only vehicle irregularities and pedestrians cross the road at will to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

This real trick, hard-won Pakistan a lot. Another example is the use of mobile Internet data, intelligent simulation to pay through the situation, optimize the intersection of signal light with time; digging the intersection of the road resource potential, governance blocking thinking by machine.Motor-car-centered turn to people-centered, slow traffic and public transport has become a priority protection object.

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