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Baidu Traffic Brains Landing In Dalian Open Traffic Management Intelligence Era
Jun 24, 2015

Recently, Dalian Traffic Police and Baidu Maps jointly announced that the innovative practice of Internet + traffic management jointly promoted by Baidu Map Smart Transportation Team and Dalian Traffic Police has reached fruitful results, and Dalian is about to usher in an "Intelligent Age" of traffic management.

After the Dalian Traffic Police and Baidu Map formally signed the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides steadily promoted the deployment of smart maps, real-time monitoring and analysis of traffic situations, the establishment of analytical platforms for the analysis of traffic conditions, the upgrade of intelligent traffic lights, the opening of traffic incidents, and the forecast of holiday traffic on the Internet and traffic management projects. The full cooperation.

As the pearl of wisdom and traffic crown, wisdom signal lights are the top priority of both parties' cooperation. Currently, Baidu has developed a real-time signal alarm system, intelligent signal optimization and evaluation system, and an open control platform for signal and control parameters with leading big data and AI technology. It helped Dalian traffic signal control system achieve early warning, timing optimization and evaluation feedback. Closed-loop management of the link, Dalian citywide intelligence signal lamp upgrade work is being deployed one after another.

At present, Baidu Maps and Dalian Traffic Police are working on the construction of "Internet + Smart Signal System". In the early warning analysis, the Baidu real-time alarm system utilizes Baidu maps' massive data and analysis capabilities to generate road-diagnosis medical record tables, which can quickly locate problem intersections for traffic police and formulate corresponding control measures, providing effective decision support support. Based on Baidu map massive vehicle trajectory data, optimized timing and evaluation feedback links, relying on Baidu map AI big data computing platform and North China University of Technology to build a timing optimization expert system, combined with Dalian traffic police existing networked signal control The platform opened up data barriers between Internet big data and real-time adaptive systems to realize dynamic online generation of signal control system optimization parameters, automatic identification of traffic events, automatic control of control programs and expert plans, and closed-loop operation of online evaluation of control effects.

In addition, in terms of traffic management information infrastructure construction, Baidu Maps has deployed smart electronic maps, utilized rich map data, powerful API development capabilities, and data visualization capabilities to personalize application upgrades for depth-enabled traffic police maps. The Dalian traffic police optimized the display system of the command and dispatch system and the intranet infrastructure to help improve the efficiency of traffic management work.

In terms of public transportation travel information services, Dalian traffic police and Baidu maps have improved the accuracy, timeliness, and authority of traffic information broadcast through real-time communication of traffic incident information. The Dalian traffic police will use official road construction information to block information, traffic incident information (such as major event traffic control information, limited line information), and major traffic accident information to be transmitted to Baidu maps in real time. Baidu maps will be pushed to users in synchrony to allow more public information. The first time can get accurate traffic conditions, in the face of various types of traffic accidents can adjust travel plans in a timely manner to ensure travel efficiency and experience.

Yan Sunrong, general manager of Baidu Map Smart Transportation, stated that as an important part of Baidu’s brain, Baidu’s traffic brain wants to use Baidu’s map technology in big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to profoundly practice Baidu’s map “Technology makes travel easier The mission is to fully assist the public security traffic management department in improving management efficiency, resolve various traffic problems, and enhance public travel experience.

In the future, Baidu Maps will also cooperate with Dalian traffic police in more directions such as smart induction screen and traffic incident reporting, and will bring more help to improve the efficiency of traffic management and public travel efficiency, and make the smart transportation system more accessible. Simple to rely on.

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